Heartbreaking Article

Hat Tip to my friend Y

When I say this, I know for sure that I will lose my “Conservative” credentials with Limbaugh, Hannity, et al (but I think that this is true  conservatism) when I this, but this is the new Vietnam. This war is being run by politicians, and run badly I might add. I shouldn’t be surprised when a good number of this administration attended Regent University.

Pay special attention to the last part of the article. I couldn’t help getting choked up.


2 responses to “Heartbreaking Article

  1. Any war where we do not have support of both sides runs the risk of being the “new Vietnam”, but I would hope once the Dems take the white house they have a plan other than leave real quick.

  2. I think the best plan is leave as fast as possible Kenny. I know its going to be a blood bath. Its all ready one. At least when we leave, someone will take over and it will be stable. It will never ever be stable as long as we are there. Ronald Reagan knew that, and its why he got our troops out of the middle east when he sent them to beruit.

    Besides that, since we never declared war, its made this completely possible. When we declare war, with specific agendas in the declaration, we don’t run the risk of a conflict lasting years and even decades, where our mission keeps changing. Bush is the new Jimmy Carter. Iraq is the new Vietnam. Vote for Ron Paul, the Real Conservative, in 2008.

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