Check Out Mark Elrod

Mark Elrod, one of the few professors at Harding that isn’t a neocon, just had a misleading story written about his blog post at World Net Daily. Go figure.

edited comment about fascists. I felt it was too strong and inappropriate. jm


11 responses to “Check Out Mark Elrod

  1. I guess the world works like this: gang up on anybody who goes out on a limb, whether they are serious or satirical. I feel bad for this guy because a reading of his post clearly shows that he was being facetious. There will always be backlash, I suppose. But this is absurd.

    (Congratulations on the marriage!)

  2. Thanks, Justin.

    This is a boilerplate response to e-mails I have received about my Fred Thompson blog post that was cited on WorldNetDaily:

    The post from my blog should be read in its original context. I believe that any reasonable person could read my post and see that it is satirical and not meant to be taken seriously.

    This is reflected in an article in the Christian Chronicle about my blog post on Thompson as well.

    As the CC article suggests, the purpose of my post was to have some fun James Dobson’s assertion that Fred Thompson was not “Christian” enough. To suggest that I agree with Dobson about Fred Thompson, or anything else for that matter, is absurd.

    The “journalists” at WND obviously do not fall into the category of reasonable people – nobody at that online publication or anywhere else has asked me to comment on what I wrote on my blog back in March. To me, this is like taking something from The Onion as gospel and publishing it as fact. Real journalists check their facts – faux journalists believe everything they read on the Interwebs.

    The bottom line is I could really care less about where Fred Thompson or anyone else goes to church.

    And as a Harding employee, I certainly can’t afford to give away $100 for something as shallow as this.

    But the great irony of this is that I have been characterized as an intolerant Christian fundamentalist. A careful reading of my blog and other things I have written would clearly demonstrate that this is not the case.

  3. ME —

    Dobson believes that Jesus is the Son of God. You don’t agree with him on that? 😉

    Oh, and the phrase is “I couldn’t really care less” not “I could really care less.”

    I’m just here to help.

  4. P&C–

    Don’t be a dick. Really.

  5. FYI: 728b was rocking back in the day, but can all my believers please sing something else? When people sing it, it just gets stuck in my head all day.

  6. I’m just having a little fun, Michael G. Lighten up.

  7. P&C,

    Yeah, Dr. D and I are in agreement on some aspects of theology, I’ll give him that.

    And thanks for the help on my boilerplate. I’ll make the adjustment.

  8. I guess ME now knows what people like Rush go thru when media outlets only take a little snippet of his show and play it out of context.

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