Silent Revolution Happening…

I think there’s a silent revolution going on in our country.

If you watch or read any of the mainstream media outlets, you’ll have trouble finding out that this is going on. But its becoming undeniable.

Ron Paul is fast becoming a contender for President, with no help from PACs or the media.

It shouldn’t surprise you that the powers that be don’t want our country to go back to its roots of true liberty for all. The more free we are, the less power they have. And as of right now, they’ve got plenty of power.

Check out this article about Ron Paul


3 responses to “Silent Revolution Happening…

  1. You are right on that one! This is the second revolution and if the power structure tries to quash it, they will find out quickly how large a revolution it is!!!! “If peaceful revolution fails than violent revolution is inevitable” =John F. Kennedy

    I believe that qoute is word for word but I am not sure. I hope it never reaches violence but considering the near POLICE STATE that we are living in now, It would be too easy to descend in to an abyss. We the people have HAD ENOUGH! There is hope and his name is RON PAUL

  2. Police State??? Take off your tin foil hat and calm down.

    I like a lot of Paul’s ideas — though I disagree with him on the War on Terror (I heard an interview with him on Dennis Miller’s radio show, and Miller really won the war argument).

    However, I don’t think Paul has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Presidency. But he is being listened to, and that’s a good thing. I would love to see the Republicans embrace more libertarian policies.

  3. If you’re coming at the war with a neocon argument, he’s never going to win. If you are arguing from a constitutional standpoint, he will win every time.

    This whole idea that we can make the whole world a democracy through force is insane. With WW2, we had no other option. There were military forces trying to take over the world.

    With radical islam, we don’t face those same type of threats, and going into countries to try and change their regimes in order to foment democracy just plays into the islamist propaganda. It hurts our cause rather than helping it.

    The best we can do is follow the advice of the founding fathers. Trade with everyone and allign ourselves with no one. Alliances hinder national interest. One needs to look no further than WW1.

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