Alli, the new OTC diet pill

Before you start taking this, check out this post. You may laugh hysterically, and you definitely won’t take the pill unless you are so lazy that you’d rather crap your pants daily than get outside and exercise.


2 responses to “Alli, the new OTC diet pill

  1. favorite quotes:

    “That large sector of the public that enjoy having their pants filled with liquefied sh** has been seriously under-catered to up until now.”

    “But the company doesn’t think it’ll get away with an advertising slogan along the lines of ‘F*** diet and exercise! Take these pills and sh** your weight away!’”

  2. Another alli rant here on my blog (GracefulFlavor). As you might guess, I don’t take too kindly to this sort of sham.

    This drug is a trainwreck. Despite the press and clever packaging, I give this thing six months, tops, before it fades into sunset as a cheap consumer exploit.

    Funny how things that intentionally make you incontinent do that.

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