My Neighbor

I met Bootsie two days before my wedding. She had lost her cat and upon seeing my cat in the window, she thought maybe I’d picked hers up.

Bootsie lives two doors down in an apartment complex above a dilapidated electronics shop. She seemed really nice, she’s definitely old,  and I told her at our original meeting that if I saw her cat, I’d let her know.

This morning as I was heading out the door to work, she was walking by and asked if I’d seen her kitty. I said no, but I’d keep looking for it. She then asked if she could have a couple of dollars to go buy bologna and some bread at the store ’cause she was out of groceries. I didn’t have any cash, so I offered to drive her over to the store to pick up some things.  We picked her up enough food to last her and her husband a good week or two, and headed back home. I helped her taking the groceries upstairs and checked out her apartment. Its a studio with a kitchenette, about 350 square feet. It was kinda dirty, but not filthy, but it was obvious that she and her husband are struggling.

And she had a precious kitten that looked just like my cat. So I went inside and petted and played with it a bit, before I headed to work.

I think I’m gonna invite her over for dinner sometime… and keep checking up on her and her husband. They are too old to work, and I don’t know if they get social security or not, but they are obviously struggling, and I’ve never ever seen this woman out begging before.

If you think about it, say a prayer for Bootsie.


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