A Little Fun Over the Weekend

Friday Night, Carrie and I went to a show in Nashville to see some friend’s band play. They are on tour, headed to a festival that they are playing for the second year in a row. The show was excellent (and only had a 6 dollar cover) and afterwards, we all went back to my place for drinks. The band ended up staying there, all six of them. I wasn’t sure we were gonna be able to fit them all in the living room, but we managed and it ended up being a fun night.

I met a guy named Shane that night as well. When several of the band members and I were outside hanging out drinking beer (doesn’t that just fit right in in east nashville?) Shane came up to us to say that he’d be back in a second, that he was a god, and that he was going to get numb. I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant at the time, but I imagined he was going to get high in some form or fashion.

He came back about 15 minutes later and sat down and just started hanging out with us, high as a paper kite. He was nice, though I couldn’t quite understand everything he was talking about. He offered to buy me a rock of crack cocaine, to which I declined, but we did have  a pretty good time sitting out there talking.

Even though Shane was likely up on crack, we just sat there and talked to him. For 30 minutes or so. Just like he was one of the guys. I don’t know that Shane is going to quit using anytime soon, but I felt blessed just to meet him. I’ve decided its not my place to try and fix anyone, and shunning them is not going to do the job either. Many of these people, homeless, addicts, thieves, dealers…. they are my neighbors. And living in this neighborhood, they aren’t just my figurative neighbor (you know the love they neighbor stuff that Jesus said). They are actually my neighbors. They live under overpasses or behind buildings near me. They live in the house next door and in the apartments two doors down. They are my neighbors. And I’m going to treat them that way. Its just that in this neighborhood, instead of borrowing a cup of sugar, sometimes your neighbors need someone to treat them with decency or to buy them some groceries. I think Christians would do good to spend more time around folks like these.


7 responses to “A Little Fun Over the Weekend

  1. Perhaps it’s not your job to try and “fix” anyone, but what about helping him? By ignoring his harmful practice, are you helping him or hurting him? Are you making your community and your world a better place? Would you feel at all guilty if he harmed himself or someone else because of his decisions, when perhaps you could have made a difference?

    I could very likely be wrong, but your attitude seems to be, “Whatever. If he wants to destroy his life, that’s his business. I’ll just enjoy a beer with him.”

    Didn’t Jesus call on us to be a bit more proactive about making a difference in the lives of those around us?

  2. Can you be proactive the first time you meet someone? Was sitting down and enjoying a beer with him not being proactive? I imagine he doesn’t have a lot of positive influences in his life. I would love for Shane to come by again and hang out, because if he’s hanging out with me, he’s not smoking crack. And if I tell him to leave, and refuse to hang out with him, its just another person that rejects him for whatever reason, which likely encourages more drug use. Because at least he perceives that those people care about him (though they likely care about him only when he’s got money for drugs).

    We really don’t have any examples of Jesus dealing with addicts in the Bible. I don’t know how he would have reacted… and obviously each occasion would have been different. I do know that he would have reacted with love and acceptance first. That seemed to be the way he dealt with most people.

    And besides that… most addicts and homeless people are not just a hot meal away from turning it around. You can’t magically not be an addict. And while drug addiction is sinful, its no different than food addiction, consumerism, greed, all of which are addictions that plague our churches, but we tend to look the other way. Whereas drug addiction can destroy your life, those others also destroy the soul of man. How should churches be more proactive towards the addicts within?

  3. Hey Justin. One of our friends was playing the Exit In Friday night but we couldn’t make it. Wonder if it was the same band? Homer Hiccolm and the Rocketboys?

    Glad you’re married now! Michelle said she was going to the wedding. I hope you and Carrie are having a blast!

  4. I wasn’t sure how well you knew him. Thanks for the explanation.

    I guess what stuck with me was your statement: “I’ve decided its not my place to try and fix anyone…” To me that seemed like the epitome of a “Whatever” attitude that is so prevalent today.

  5. That’s not how its intended at all. I have no training in doing things like that, and most people I come into contact with that have those issues are family or close friends.

    My job is to love and accept them the way jesus would. If there comes a time when I can help someone who needs help getting sober, I’ll do it. But for now, I will love and accept whoever I meet.

  6. Tyrone Biggums

    I’m gonna tell you something about me, Justin Mundie, that you might not know…I smoke rocks!

    Do you know what dog food tastes like? Do ya? It tastes just like it smells…delicious!

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