Coulter v Edwards

I’m not typically one to run to the defense of Anne Coulter (or for Mark Elrod readers, ‘She who will not be named’) but after seeing what happened on Hardball on Tuesday, I can’t help standing up for her.

Watch the video and then read my comments.

First, this set up was completely uncouth. The guerilla ambush of Anne on a live national broadcast is sketchy at best.

Second, who in Edwards campaign thought this would be a good idea. Your candidate gets called a woman and effeminate and then you send your wife to do your dirty work. Is that not playing into the hands of your political enemies?

Third, Coulter is a satirist. She says some things that cross the line, but from what I’ve read she hasn’t said anything about the Edwards that I would consider off limits. She uses satire to point out their hypocrisy. Whether its being the “champion of the poor” and living in a 26000 sq ft house, getting a 400 dollar hair cut, working for a hedge fund, or starting an anti poverty group that pays you an enormous salary.

Fourth, the Edwards have been using Anne for fundraising purposes for a while. Anne called Elizabeth out on the show about that. And what do they do immediately after this episode of Hardball airs? Use it to try and raise money.

Their campaign is floudering. They are trying any and everything to keep afloat. Whether its trumping up how bad her cancer is, or guerrilla attacking a columnist on a live news show, they will do whatever it takes to raise money.


24 responses to “Coulter v Edwards

  1. Wow. I guess you still don’t like the Edwards.

  2. Did you think I would magically like them after I got married?

    Everything I’ve seen from them has been purely political and they epitomize the elitist left that says “do what I say, not what I do”

  3. Getting your wife to fight your battles…nice.

  4. Anne Coulter is a divisive little bitch, and you want to defend her? Seriously, she is one of the examples of people who are tearing apart America. But it’s okay as long as she tears down something your against?

    And I ask… What the HECK is wrong with a rich guy caring about the poor??? Just because he encourages people to do something for those less fortunate, he’s not allowed to enjoy his own hard earned money, JUST A LITTLE?? Seriously, what’s wrong with enjoying your money AND giving some of it away to help those less fortunate?

    Please answer that…

    You want someone going over your life with a fine tooth comb? Well, gee, Justin — you’re paying $700 a month for your apartment. You’re helping your neighbor Bootsie whose poor. You’re a liar, helping the poor. You could easily live in a $600 apartment and use that extra money for the poor!

    Where does it stop? Once you start the judgment game, it doesn’t stop.

    Seriously, if the poor can’t advocate for themselves (money-grubbing lazy welfare bums…), and the rich people can’t advocate for them unless they give everything away and take a vow of poverty themselves, then who gets to help the poor? Sounds like nobody, according to you.

    Hate the man for his political beliefs! Fine. But don’t hate him because he chooses to spend his money a little on himself and a little on the poor.

  5. Wow bob

    I never said ann coulter wasn’t devisive but she’s no more than any of the neo marxists at daily kos or crooks and liars or how about bill maher or rosie or alec baldwin or al franken etc etc

    My problem with edwards is not just that he is wealthy. Its how he got his wealth and his politics which force normal americans to pay higher income taxes which he never sees because he’s living off dividends

    He wants americans to sacrifice by law but he’s not willing to do it himself. That’s what I have issues with.

    And for the record my rent is 495 a month

  6. But that’s my point, don’t defend Coulter (she’s a total bitch), even if you do agree with her on something.

    “My problem with edwards is not just that he is wealthy.”

    But you’re admitting his wealth is part of your problem… Jealous? It’s not fair there are liberals with money, right? Rich people should only be allowed to be free-market libertarians like Ron Paul, right?

    All I have to say is, you’re anti-Edwards comment is bullshit. The fact is, he’s giving away A LOT of money whether the government affects it or not. Hate his politics, but not his love for helping the poor.

    “And for the record my rent is 495 a month”

    You could do a lot better on $350 a month — think of all of the money you could give away, then. Or how about living under a bridge — that would free up at least $495 (plus utilities).

    My point remains. You started the judgment circle on rich people, with it, you receive the same measure. Your a selfish jerk who doesn’t give a crap about the poor.

    This is all a joke (except the Coulter being a bitch part), but I hope it’s getting my point across. If I were in Edwards shoes, I’d probably be doing things A LOT differently. But don’t judge people for what they’re willing to do on their own dime.

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  8. I would say more, but Bob summed it up pretty well for me…

  9. Ann has a great response in a column today. Read it HERE.

    Bob, you have some anger issues. Get some help, dude.

  10. Look, I have no problem with people being wealthy. Wealth is relative. Shoot, living in this country, regardless of your income bracket means you are wealthier than the vast majority of the world.

    The problem comes when you try to use class warfare to win and election when you are clearly one of the elites. When you start a foundation to eradicate poverty and use it to get more and more wealthy… something doesn’t ring true about that.

    He is set for life. He doesn’t have to work anymore and he can live off interest, and only pay cap gains tax. But he wants to drastically raise taxes on people who aren’t as well off as he is.

    I have no problem with people giving whatever amount to charity they think is appropriate. I have a problem with people who are sitting fat and happy but want to use force of government to redistribute wealth, especially when its not going to hurt them.

  11. Wow… I have anger problems… definitely an original debating mechanism there. Don’t address the issue, attack the person instead.

    Funny thing is, I thought you were right about about my anger problems, P&C, and then I clicked on your blog… man I must be a saint.

    At least have the balls like Justin and go toe to toe with a debate… character attack my @$$.

    Justin, can’t say I necessarily agree, but you present a solid argument.

  12. Thanks Bob. I think there was a little misunderstanding at first, and I probably wasn’t as clear as I should have been.

    Ann doesn’t act how I would act in any situation. She can be a bitch. I will not disagree there. But that is politics. Its a mean world, people are gonna say ridiculous inflamatory things. It comes from every side. I think what she said about the 9/1 widows crossed the line of decency. But I think that she has valid points criticizing the Edwards campaign and my defense of her was that I thought this was a cheap political gimmick to try and raise cash. I don’t see how that’s debatable.

  13. I agree with the premise of what Coulter is saying most of the time. Edwards’ campaign is a joke, and he really has no chance of winning.

    Why I’m surprised you are “supporting” Coulter for the sake of this issue is that she really is just such a bitch. She said the day before on GMA that she wished he would die in a terrorist attack. She said a few years ago after their son died that Edwards was probably driving around with a bumper sticker that said “Ask me about my dead son”. She called some 9/11 widows witches. It goes on.

    The reason why I don’t think you can compare that to Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, or any other comedian is that she isn’t trying to be funny. When she says these things, she says them completely straight faced, completely deadpan. No one laughs when she says them. They are just really mean things, and it’s sad that there are a lot of Christians who don’t speak out against that.

    Also, it really does a disservice to the message she’s trying to get across, just like O’Reilly, Rosie, and Limbaugh all do disservice to their message by being loudmouths.

  14. Coulter is a witch, I won’t deny that. The thing is that those comments were taken out of ccontext. She didn’t say she wanted him to get killed. She said that she would get in less trouble if she said that rather than saying what she said about him being a fag

    Check out that article above to see her response

  15. what about the comment by Coulter in reference to Edwards’s dead son — the bumper sticker comment that says “ask me about my dead son.” Anne Coulter is a mean, evil-spirited woman. Call it what you want (satirist), but Elisabeth Edwards had every right to call in and challenge Anne Coulter. Anne Coulter doesn’t focus on the political issues – she focuses on meanness.

    Bob – I agree!
    HOW he got his money?? Standing up for people that had had crimes committed against them by corporations that didn’t want to be accountable?? Thank goodness there are lawyers like that!

    “Set for life?” And the Bush family is living on skid row?? Talk about talking out of both sides of your face. Yes, he does talk of raising taxes – he’d have to raise taxes (especially since this administration has practically bankrupt this and future generations) in order to accomplish the things he wants to happen for us — like universal health care. If it wasn’t for my children, I’m almost certain I’d move to another country. People make less wages, but everyone has access to doctors and hospitals. And their children can go to college without the parents mortgaging their souls or the students being crippled with student loans for the rest of their lives. (Don’t try to argue with me on this one – my husband is from Russia.)

    I guess I have anger issues too . . . I’m angry about what WE are allowing to happen in our country. I wish I had more courage and were more willing to offend people. Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  16. BPB (Belinda?) Its sad to me that you can’t realize what’s going on here.

    First, raising taxes doesn’t necessarily bring in more revenue to the federal government. If you study basic economics, you will understand why. Look up the laffer curve online, and you will see why higher taxes don’t neccesarily mean higher revenue.

    Second, if you read the Anne Coulter column that someone linked to above, you’ll see her comments about their son and why she said them. Edwards freaked John Kerry out because he verbatim told the same story about how he climbed into the coffin with his son, and how he’d “never told anyone that before”. Apparently, he used that same line on a bunch of people. Coulter pointed that out in her book, and how she thought it was despicable.

    Third, in reference to standing up to evil corporations… how about well meaning OBGYNs who were sued to the point of bankruptcy because of a mistake… because John Edwards, I kid you not, said that he’d channeled the dead fetus while he was giving his closing arguments. He did that same schtick in several suits against OBGYNs, and is part of the reason why doctors can’t afford to practice “their love with women” according to GWB. In Mississippi, insurance rates are so high for OBGYNs because of lawsuits that the doctors are just leaving the state. And, while there are doctors who screw up because they were negligent, others just screw up on accident, because its likely to happen when you deliver babies all the time. And then they lose their job, their money, their security. Their kids can’t go to college. All because John Edwards and his ilk will go in a courtroom and convince a bunch of nitwits that it’d be a good idea to rule against the doctor to the tune of 40 million dollars or so. Seriously. This stuff has to stop, its crippling our doctors. Its crippling our justice system. Its crippling insurance companies. And its keeping the best doctors out of practice, which means people have fewer options on who delivers their kid.

    I could go on and on refuting your points BPB, about how the blatant socialism you support is the reason that most of the countries that you speak of, while they may have “medical care” for everyone, have worse standards of living than do we, why their economies are stagnant, and their citizens don’t have the freedom that we do.

    You can ask the government to take care of every damn thing for you, but don’t expect to be free. I’d rather live in a place where I can affect my destiny than give up freedoms to have a menial amount of security… security that only exists until the government goes bankrupt.

  17. I’m not asking for anything to be “free.” I have no problem paying taxes to cover universal health care. At least it would be going to something beneficial. I understand your age and your lack of wisdom . . . like I said, talk to me in about 20 yrs. when life isn’t as perfect for you. Believe me, a lot has changed my perspective over my past 20 yrs — burying a husband at 31 for one and raising two children on my own. So you’re saying Russia and Canada and France have worse standards of living than we do?? Wake up!

  18. I would rather live in this country than France Canada or Russia, absolutely. France’s unemployment rate is what? Russia is on the verge of going back to communism, Putin’s people have been killing dissenters in the government.

    Belinda, with government health care, the tax burden is going to be passed along to the wealthy and those middle class and below will continue to pay little if anything for their services. This causes a disconnect because those in the middle and lower classes don’t see any increase in cost to them for going to the doctor more. The increase will only be felt for those who are paying for their health care.

    I have a problem with universal health care because it is just wealth redistribution. Would you go to your next door neighbor and just ask them to pay for your medical bills? Hell no you wouldn’t. Because, I hope, you have some class.

    Get yourself a high deductible plan and open up a health savings account. Its tax free to deposit money in it, and use that for your minor doctors visits and prescriptions. Just put a hundred or 2 hundred or more dollars a month in that account, and keep building it up. I just think its disgusting that people want people with more to pay for everything for them.

  19. Reading Godless right now. Excellent read. She cites and references everything. Most of the time it is shoot the messenger and ignore the message. She makes a great point in her book that Liberals love to put people up there that you aren’t supposed to be able to say anything against. Edwards, for example. He can use his dead son politicaly all he wants but you try to call him on it and you are sick, evil and just a bitch.

    Yeah, she might cross the line from time to time but…..THAT IS WHAT SHE DOES! Why are people still surprised by what she says? They act all agast and disgusted. Hey, if I listen to Stern, I know what I am getting. When I read or listen to Ann, I know what I am getting.

    I would like to hear some logical arguments for Edwards and not the all mouth no sense ones I see here. Justin has made some great points and all I see are people who have anger issues and don’t really address his points.

  20. BTW…. life is perfect for me? huh?
    I’m a brand new realtor… I don’t have steady business. My wife is working full time with devil children to pay most of our bills and will be working with them part time while she’s back in school next fall. She’s got to have two wisdom teeth taken out, and we don’t have dental insurance, so we’re paying for it out of pocket. We’ve got student loans to pay down and we’re living in a tiny one bedroom apartment that, among other things, has had a possum chew a hole through the wall and get inside. My life isn’t perfect.
    I may complain that its expensive to have to get her wisdom teeth out, but dammit I will not complain that it should be free just because. Maybe I’m evil, but I feel like insurance should be for emergencies and not for random doctors visits, or yes, even routine medical procedures. Save some freakin money like any responsible human being and stop demanding that other people pay for your irresponsibility.

  21. Just see the damn movie, Justin. And by the way, you standing up for that nazi elitist right wing bitch who “satirizes” by rudely jesting in completly non-politically based ways about the deaths of other people on national television is “sketchy at best”. You know, I’m not really friends with you any more, but since you’re so sure about your cozy god-like political position and your ability to support defamation of character in the name of said godly political position, I’m glad. Because who knows what you could be saying or allowing others to say about me.

  22. We don’t have anger issues, we’re just more sensitive to the death of someone’s son being “satirized” and used as some comment on society. That’s not satire, that’s a personal attack that has nothing to do with (as Ann Coulter answered) what John Edwards does in the courtroom. The reason you feel like we have anger problems is probably because the kinds of comments she makes don’t really provide points for argument. They are rude and incite outbursts such as the ones made in these comments. So don’t go saying we have anger issues. We’re just responding with the same level of crudity and meanness.

  23. Did you read her whole quote or does your anger issues just cloud up your eyes?

    I’ve been thinking about what Ann says and have come to the conclusion that when she is waaaay out on the ledge with her comments she helps to illustrate the extreme liberal bias in the media. When the freaks on the left such as Maher, Baldwin, Moore or others say just as outlandish things it hardly even gets picked up but when Coulter says THE EXACT SAME THING it is on every newscast and magazine.

    The other issue is ARE YOU SURPRISED BY WHAT SHES SAYS? It cracks me up that people still jump up and down and whine and pout about the things she says. What do you expect? Just as I expect Ted Kennedy to slur his words as he sips his 12th vodka and tonic before slipping behind the wheel, I expect Coulter to say wild stuff when she opens her mouth.

    Now, about your anger issues…

  24. I wonder how much money Jordan has made from his shoe line? Probably in the billions!

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