My Liberty

My liberty doesn’t exist because of an army, or a press, or politicians. My liberty comes from God.

And that’s in essence what the Constitution Declaration of Independence says. Our rights aren’t endowed upon us because we have the right skin color, are the right gender, or even have the correct religion. God has given every human being the right to make decisions, good or bad, that don’t infringe on the rights of other human beings.

Liberty leads us back to God. Because through Liberty, through freedom, we are free to serve God in radical ways.

But Liberty is not the result of violence. Violence is an infringement of liberty. True Liberty is standing in the face of violence, unintimidated, and laying down your life for those that you love. That radical courage says to the world, “this is not how things were supposed to be.”

That’s what I think about on independence day.


6 responses to “My Liberty

  1. Team America World Police

    Freedom isn’t free
    Yeah, there’s a hefty fuckin’ fee
    It costs folks like you and me.

    yeah, freedom costs a buck o’five

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts, but I had a different train of thought today concerning freedom and whatnot.

    I went to go buy beer from the discount beer place, and the foreign guy behind the counter was asking me if I was shooting off fireworks tonight. I wasn’t planning on shooting fireworks tonight, but I said something like, “I didn’t think we were allowed to in Davidson country.” He said, “You aren’t, but they don’t really care that much. Just do it.”

    My roommate (not my wife…the guy who’s living with us this summer) was doing something today which was illegal, and my wife was asking what he was doing. He said what he was doing, then said, “I’m doing it to celebrate my freedom.” Then my wife thought about it, and responded, “But you’re not really allowed to do that.”

    Later on at this BBQ we were having at our condo complex, someone was talking about celebrating freedom and independence, and I responded, “Yeah, its great to celebrate this country and all the things we aren’t allowed to do.”

    Now, before you tell me to take my tin-foil hat off and tell me that I am exaggerating my lack of freedoms, think about all of the things that we can’t do now that Americans could do 200 years ago.

    Over time, we have lost a ton of rights. At critical times, we have gained rights, such as the ending of prohibition, civil rights for minorities and women, and indian casinos, but each of those rights were things people needed to fight for (in the figurative sense). During the times when people were complacent (as we are now), rights erode.

    If our country still exists in its current form in 200 more years, I think people will mourn the rights they have lost since 2007. So smoke ’em if you got ’em.

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  4. Captain Bringdown

    Our rights are endowed by our “creator”,whatever that may be?
    Our rights are to put it in a phrase,”the way things ought to be”,meaning freedoms are just what should be,nothing beyond the norm.The fact that the human animal is capable of reason,gathers to live in a structured group setting,and lives by a determined set of rules based on a concept of “ehtics and morality’.
    Given that the USA is head and shoulders above the rest of the world in the practice of “free rights” [and we are],what does that really say about the state of society and the human as a species?

  5. And that’s in essence what the Constitution says.

    Properly speaking the Constitution says no such thing. The more correct source for this claim is the Declaration of Independence.

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