Michael Moore Has Sob Stories… So Does Canada

But its free, right?


6 responses to “Michael Moore Has Sob Stories… So Does Canada

  1. Which is worse? Being able to afford heathcare, but unable to get it, or being able to get the heathcare, but can’t afford it. This is the Hobson’s choice we have. The problem is that heathcare inevitably has two overriding characteristics: 1) it is expensive and 2) highly desired. I think the point to take away from the above stories and our own experiences is that no system will provide perfect care for all. Its a question of trade-offs.

  2. But what I take away from it is that people will find a way to pay for somwthing if they need to and here in this country hospitals cannot refuse service even if folks can’t afford it.

    And the biggest problem with both single payer and group insurance plans is that demand can’t be regulated by cost. When its ten dollars (or free) to get a check up, people will go to the doctor for any reason and not think twice about it. We need to go to a system where insurance really is insurance against catastrophic things and where peoe use their own money topay for regular office visits… Paying for these things out of tax free health savings accounts. Until that happens health care will continue to have major issues. Personal responsibility is the name of the game.

  3. I agree with your second paragraph. Your first paragraph isn’t true. Hospitals can’t refuse service up to the point where the person is “stable”. If you need cancer treatment and you can’t afford, tough shit. No one is going to treat you. If you need a bypass surgery and can’t afford it, tough shit. A lot of people can’t find ways to pay for needed treatment, and they get sick and die, so don’t hide behind that.

  4. Come on, Justin. It’s been 3 days. Where is your post slamming Al Gore for Live Earth?

  5. Nobody watched, so I felt no need to talk about it’s hypocrisy. That the bands that played flew over 200 thousand miles to get there. They must have had to plant a lot of trees to get to carbon neutral.

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