I’m Really Out of Topics

I’m not getting burnt out on blogging. I don’t think. But I haven’t had a whole lot of stuff to say of late.

GKB is talking about the flawed doctrine of Sola Scriptura. That’s right, I said flawed doctrine.

Dubyah is continuing to destroy the Middle East, our Army, and any chance that a secular Muslim state would ever become a democracy. Its time to leave.  We’re only making it worse by being over there. Its gonna be bad when we leave, yes. There will be bloodshed. But and the resulting fighting may make the moderates take a stand against Al Qaeda. If it doesn’t, at least we’re not in there helping fundamentalists wage their propaganda war that we are coming to get rid of Muhammed.

On that note, lets think about a situation that might help us understand what’s going on around there. Let’s say that Pat Robertson, James Dobson, or shoot, just insert any radical right Christian voice in there, has been telling us for twenty years that the Chinese communists are going to take away our right to worship God. We’ve been listening, but not really caring. All the sudden, the Chinese come to our shores. Who would the people in this country turn to? Would moderate Christians who had denounced said voices possibly join up with their ChristoFascist army against the Chinese? Would they be in the streets with every hunting rifle they could find?

So is it understandable why, after our invasion, and subsequent occupation, that moderate muslims are joining radical groups? They’ve just been told by radicals, mullahs, and madrasas for their entire lives that the american infidels want to take over their countries, and bring with it sex, rock and roll, and the desecration of Muhammed and Islam.

Ok, so I had a post in me. Just didn’t know it.


2 responses to “I’m Really Out of Topics

  1. rogueminister

    Hey looks like we agree on something, or several somethings. Im glad people are reconsidering how scripture fits into our understanding of God and faith and life.

    Its amazing that our country’s current regime is so blind to the fact that we are just fueling the fire of radical Islam by providing them with more reasons to hate us, and proof to those who they target for recruitmet that we are the enemy of their lifestyle and faith.

  2. We were greeted as liberators, and now we’re winning

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