Facts and Figures on Single Payer Systems

This is the best and most comprehensive link about the myths per petuated by those promoting a single payer health care system.


4 responses to “Facts and Figures on Single Payer Systems

  1. Alright. We get it. You don’t think we ought to have a single payer system. Are you ready to champion our current system, or are you advocating a change?

  2. Oh, I’m advocating change. I am under no illusion that our current situation is perfect. Were I the czar of health care reform, I would get rid of tax free health insurance offered by corporations, and give incentives to get private insurance for catastrophic coverage and HSAs. I would give tax credits to companies that give charity care, as well as have the government help out those that are impoverished with their coverage as well as help them start and HSA. If the government’s going to spend taxpayer dollars for wealth redistribution, I would rather it work in a market rather than being controled solely by the government. Even if we get Kenseyan (is that how you spell his name) when people have their own money (and you can reward them for not spending their HSAs) it causes them to shop around for care, creating competition.

  3. The problem with bringing market forces to bear in the Healthcare Industry is that it’s not a free market. If I want to build a coffeeshop next to the starbucks, it’s a relatively easy process. If I want to build a new hospital (such as the Otter Creek tried to partner with), the State has to approve it. The State regulates who can practice medicine, requires licensure and established any number of other rules for healthcare to live by. With the current level of State involvement, it’s impossible for true market forces to operate. Not saying that one payer is the answer, but there’s a lot of reasons we’re in the mess we’re in and no one answer is going to solve them.

  4. That is definitely true S. And I believe that article acknowledges such.

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