Universal Health Care Failing… Almost Everywhere

Socialized Medicine is in crisis in the West… and where are they looking to save themselves? The Market.


4 responses to “Universal Health Care Failing… Almost Everywhere

  1. Not to be nit-picky, but most US insurance doesn’t cover treatment for stage IV cancer. One of the alternative insurance policies that my wife sells is a supplemental cash policy which helps folks pay for late stage cancer treatment that isn’t covered by most insurance.

  2. Right, but at least in this country, you also have the option of getting a loan to pay for it yourself, or getting a policy like your wife offers.

    Did that have enough statistics and facts for you?

  3. Why don’t the churches purchase group health insurance for their members? Use the members’ tithes and offerings to actually help the members.

  4. That’s really not a bad idea to get your insurance through your church as at least you would be freed from being chained to your job.

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