Gold Standard Anyone?

Don’t say Ron Paul hasn’t been warning us…


4 responses to “Gold Standard Anyone?

  1. Oh great Ron Paul. Please guide us with your wisdom. Lead us out to gold pastures free of subservience to foreign powers or our own government. Use your Nostradamus-like prophetic capabilities to show us the true way to prosperity and independence.


  2. Shine, Ron Paul, Shine
    Fill this land with your great wisdom
    Raise, Ron Paul, Raise
    No more taxes
    Flow, money, flow
    into our pockets with haste and profit
    Send forth your word
    Ron Paul let there be light

  3. Definitely the best two comments I’ve ever gotten on my blog.

    Scott, you want the war to be over. Its clear the dems aren’t gonna do that. Why don’t you give RP a chance. Surely there’s still some limited government juice left in you

  4. Every once in a while, I will see thing, that combined with my own knowledge of history, gives me a strong feeling of what the deep future is going to look like. Call me a “blame America first” er if you want, but I have this feeling that in like 300, there will be whole fields of study within History academia that will study why and how the United States collapsed. It will make trying to explain why the Roman empire collapsed look like describing how to hardboil an egg.

    If by some horrible series of events completely within our control, our country undergoes a series of unfortunate events such that there is a mass exodus, not unlike what happened to Russia, Vietnam, or Cuba during their upheavals, there will be one thing that will make it all worthwhile, for me at least.

    That one thing will be watching and listening to those true believer patiots (not to be confused with those who will leave and will truly mourn the great experiment that was our country) who will, so pathetically, rant about how the US is the greatest country in the world and how they must protect it’s glory. It will be like watching the homeless man get upset as he desperately tries to defend his title as King of the Park.

    The irony of this situation is that if our economy is destroyed (and thereby greatly diminishing the economies of all other countries in the world, at least for a time) because China uses this “nuclear option” (and it would undeniably crash our market within the day), it will be because we were the most powerful nation in the world, but we couldn’t get along with anyone.

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