Do the Dems Really Want to Get Out of Iraq

I’ve been saying for the last several months that the Democrats aren’t really sincere about getting out of Iraq. If they were serious about leaving, they would defund the war, and our troops would be home.

 All they are doing is playing political games… I don’t know if its that they don’t want to be responsible for the impending violence that will occur when we leave, or if they are just trying to shore up a base so they can get power back. I guess if they think they can run the war better, like that they can win it, they would want to make sure they get elected, so they can “fix” things, putting themselves in the majority for a generation.

If you want someone who really is going to end the, we all know who you should be supporting.


2 responses to “Do the Dems Really Want to Get Out of Iraq

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  2. I think they sincerely want to get out of Iraq, but that they also sincerely believe that if they defund the war that the GOP smear machine is going to do what it does best. They see that winning the battle RIGHT NOW might very well mean losing the war (figuratively speaking).

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