Democrats are only anti war when its convenient

Does this sound like Hillary is an anti war candidate?

And then Barack is all about invading Pakistan

Its why this election is driving me nuts. Both parties are essentially the same. They spend billions and billions of taxpayer dollars in order to solidify their base. They are both into nation building, except Republicans at least lie to the american people try to convince the American people about war being in our national interest.

I know some of ya’ll are probably wondering why I’ve decided to vote in this election after my recent conversion to Christian Anarchism. I’m rethinking things a little, and you can flame me for it if you like, but I felt like this is the last election where I could have a chance to vote for someone who stands against war and for free markets. That’s not a combo that you see very often in our current political climate.

If RP doesn’t win the nomination or run as  third party candidate. I won’t be voting. Its pretty simple. It doesn’t matter who you vote for otherwise, and if Diebold has its way like it did in Ohio then it won’t matter even if I vote.


2 responses to “Democrats are only anti war when its convenient

  1. Maybe different candidates are for and against different things.

    Anyway, what is happening in Iraq is an occupation. We won the war in 2003.

  2. I’m a bit more pragmatic that you are in that I end up going down the “lesser of two evils” road, but I respect where you’re coming from.

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