War Without End

Lew Rockwell weighs in on our country’s current state of affairs. He explains that force is never the solution to any problems, and how the vast majority of our politicians, believe that it is. Here’s the money quote.

It’s interesting how those who believe in force as an article of faith eventually go the whole way, believing that the lessening of force is never the answer, and that all the problems in the world call for one and only one answer: ever more scary threats of violence. Force, for this crowd, is the great organizing principle of society, the answer to all existing problems now, in the past, and in the future. It becomes for them the overriding social and political salve, and there are no considerations that can possibly refute this contention.

Just in case you don’t get over to his blog, I’ll just give you a summary. More force is never the answer.

Not to an occupation in Iraq. The more force we have there, the more mad people get.

Not to poverty. The more force of government in the market, the more problems people face.

Not to civil rights. You can’t force someone to not be racist. All it does is create more racism.

Not to drug users. The War on Drugs has been a massive failure.  More people are hurt or killed because drugs are illegal. Prohibition anyone? Al Capone?

And if you are against war, as I am, it is inconsistent to not also be against the force of government to make people moral. The government exists to protect the rights of human beings. When it steps beyond that, it only causes more problems.


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