AG the AG



6 responses to “AG the AG

  1. “Another one bites the dust-ah.”

    Now, is it common practice for an administration to have so many close ties resign for their positions? They’re dropping like flies, and have been for six years. Please tell me this isn’t simply related to the fact that Bush is the man in charge. Let there be evidence that this kind of thing happens with a number of presidents.

  2. Oh, and by the way, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the contrary. I doubt everything I just wrote.

  3. I was hoping he would stay on — just to anger the leftists.

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  5. Jeff:

    Normally I am all the fan of pissing off the left. But the faux conservatives that are a part of this administration are equally inept, and Gonzalez has proved himself to be a terrible AG, whether its the awful cover up of the US Attorney-gate or his support of our policies of torture. This guy needed to go.

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