My name is John Edwards…

and I want to run your life.

For real? If John Edwards is president, he’s going to make me go to the doctor. Even if I’m not sick. Even if I’ve got stuff to do.

And what massive bureaucracy is going to enforce this? Will I be sent to jail if I don’t go to the doctor? Will the police come knock down my door?

These people are tyrants. Plain and simple. They hide behind the guise of “the greater good” but they really think they can run your life better than you can.

1984 anyone?


3 responses to “My name is John Edwards…

  1. I have to say I didn’t read that far into the article, but I definitely had questions about how and why he would make everyone be go to the doctor. Personally, I don’t want to go there unless I feel sick. Now, maybe if he thought it were important for everyone to have a certain amount of entertainment in their lives and made it mandatory (with free tickets) to football and basketball games, golf tournaments, theater productions, and concerts, I could buy into that idea, but when it regards going to a cold white room and reading outdated issues of Popular Mechanic magazine for no apparent reason: no fucking thanks.

  2. There a lot of typos in my comment, and no way to delete them. Forgive me, all.

  3. I’m all for preventative care, but to force someone to do so isn’t right. And where does it stop? If the doctor says I need to take a drug to lower my cholesterol will I be forced to take it?

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