If one devout person in a city has been praying for rain for his crops, and another devout person has been praying that it not rain on their wedding, who does God answer?


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  1. Crops don’t grow in cities… too many people/buildings have terrorized the crop’s natural environment, and the crop is soon to become extinct

  2. Maybe God doesn’t factor in at all. It will rain if it will rain, not rain if it will not rain. Perhaps He isn’t a giant orchestrator, pulling strings, pushing levers, and pressing buttons in the way that He is always portrayed. Perhaps He is nothing more than the culmination of all that is good in man over the years and exists as just that: an ideal.

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  4. Whoever has tithed the most??

  5. That is kind of like asking “If car A is red and car B is white, which car is blue?”

  6. Not the 9/11 post I was expecting from you, Justin. That’s probably a good thing. 🙂

    This is a great question, btw.

  7. I think dodging this question really does a disservice to Christians. Shouldn’t you, as believers in God, be able to answer this question? Assuming it rains, who got their prayer answered, and why? Is one more devout than the other? If so, what quanta are used to define “devout?” What is the nature of this God you worship? Can you define it? If you can’t define the nature of your god, why exactly do you worship it? Does he/it even care about a request such as this?

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