September 11th

Six years later…

and we are no closer to ending the threat of terrorism than we were six years ago. Some could argue that we’re in more danger now than we were then.

 And when we memorialize this every year, and we hear the government warn of more terrorism, we are once again frightened. Which is exactly what they want.

Everytime you get on an airplane, looking suspiciously at the dark skinned man near you, terrorism has won

Everytime you agree to voluntarily give away the freedoms that make this country a great place to live, terrorism has won

Everytime our military accidentally kills civilians in Iraq and Afghantistan, terrorism has won.

Maybe we should take this day to ask whether or not redemptive violence will ever end this conflict. And whether their reasons are justified or not, they have reasons for attacking us, and our wars in the Middle East are further fueling the fire that causes Muslims to radicalize. When your child is killed in Iraq by the US military, whether or not it was intentional, I can understand the anger that would be felt.

And when Al Queda causes us to lose the moral high ground, then they have definitely won.


4 responses to “September 11th

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  2. Common sense will win. When we stop feeling up Grandma’s at airports and start to, instead, focus on young men of arab descent, we will start winning. When we ignore the PC protests we will win. When we stop taking nail clippers from people and making them take their shoes off, we will win. When we stop making women taste their breast milk and start profiling the right people we will win. When we finally capture logic and his elusive cousin common sense, we will win.

  3. How about when we get the government out of the protecting airplanes business. Let the airplanes determine how to keep their planes safe. Less government intrusion into our lives, and most likley, pilots will be trained and armed. Hijackins, I imagine, will be less common then.

    And if we really want it to stop, we need to just let the middle east be. stop blowing up countries to chase down some bad guys. Send elite forces in, undercover, to get those we need to get. THat has the same disruptive measures as a major conflict, and it doesn’t incite peopel to join terrorist groups.

  4. “There will be rumors of war, and there will be war”

    “The first horseman is hell bent on war”

    Read Revelations. It’s the end of the world.
    The “Change” these presidential candidates are promising is that of the NEW WORLD ORDER, uniting of nations. Which = Satan is back in down boys and girls.

    I would also like to point out that the word ‘Apocalypse’ does not mean END, it means that like a curtain being drawn back… All will be revealed and the truth, once again, will set us free.

    Armageddon means Mountain of Sorrow = Where the last fight between GOD and Satan will take place.

    Then according to the good book the meek shall inherit the earth and there will be peace for 1,000 (one-thousand) years.

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