Been Tagged By David and Malia

Check out David and Malia’s post to understand why I’m writing a post entirely about Phil Wilson.

8 Random Things About Phil Wilson

1. Phil spoke at my wedding.

2. While Phil was waiting to speak at my wedding, he whispered hilariously inappropriate things in my ear.

3. Phil is going to owe me a steak dinner at J Alexanders when Ron Paul wins the presidency.

4. Phil and my relationship started when he made fun of the tattered jeans I would wear when singing on praise team.

5. If Phil really wants to be emergent, he’s gonna have to change the way he combs his hair (per Eve Clevenger)

6. I would bet that Phil knows at least some Klingon.

7. Phil didn’t tell me that I was tagged for this, but eventually wordpress let me know (two weeks later)

8. Despite Phil‘s snarkyness, he’s actually a nice guy.


5 responses to “Been Tagged By David and Malia

  1. Yeah, WordPress can be a little finicky with those notifications.

  2. I think the point was to have 8 random things about yourself, not Phil Wilson. But then again, maybe I’m just not hip to the blog conventions.

  3. Yeah, we know what he meant, but he titled the post “8 random things about me” so it’s funny.

    though, less funny when explaining it.

  4. Once again, hardy har har.

  5. Ok, to actually answer some of the issues brought up here.

    I did in fact do what Justin claims in #2, but that was mainly because he looked like he was going to pass out.

    Tattered Jeans and popped collars, Justin. It was that retro 80s style, that wasn’t even cool back then.

    I know absolutely zero Klingon, although I love Star Trek. I have been learning a little Japanese from Heroes.

    Ron Paul has as much a chance of being president as I do of being an elder.

    The next time I go see Eve, I’ll ask for the Emergent haircut…

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