This Republican Debate is Mind Numbing

Seriously. Nobody up there is a conventional Republican. There are economic protectionists (Hunter, Tancredo) Meglomaniacs (Guilianni) big government types (Huckabee, Romney) and Thompson has yet to actually have an opinion on anything.

And its increasingly maddening how disrespectful the candidates are towards Ron Paul. And Guilianni should probably quit making quips at Ron. RP said that we haven’t had any imminent attacks that would require the President to act without the permission of the Congress. Guilianni asked sarcastically if Ron remembered 9/11. Ron interjected that 9/11 was an attack by 19 people with no ties to a country. Guilianni said that maybe if we’d sent some bombs to Pakistan or Afghanistan, it could have stopped 9/11.

Really???? How many of the hijackers were from those countries? How many were from Saudi Arabia?

Its too bad there are no thinkers left in the Republican party anymore.


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