On Conversations With My Brother In Law

In the past couple days, my brother in law and I have hung out several times, and our conversations always tend to turn to the philosophical. Here are some examples of what we’ve been talking about.

Me: Its gotta suck for cats.

Him: Why?

Me: Well, beyond the fact that they are domesticated animals, they don’t seem to be able to perceive glass.

Him: Yeah, that is true.

Me: I wonder if there are things that humans are just unable to perceive, that definitely exist, but our brains just can’t comprehend them. Like cats and glass.

Him:  Yeah, its like, “Sometimes I walk out of houses, and its totally fine, and sometimes I walk out of houses and then I’ve got gashes all over my body”

We’ve also talked about euthanasia, postmodernism, how so much of our knowledge and understanding is based on the philosophical works of a few guys 400 years or so ago. But the cat conversation seemed the funniest, which is why I posted it verbatim.

Any of you have any random philosophical musings that most of your friends tell you to stop talking about, lest you ruin their good day with abstract concepts?


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