We Love Big Brother and He Looks Out for Us

Now that the government feels like they are effectively cracking down on cigarettes, schools are now sending letters home to parents telling them that their children are fat.

No. I’m not kidding.

Welcome to America, where you children really belong to the State. We just let you keep them if you raise them to the correct standards.

I know most people reading probably don’t have a problem with the government taking away a child from a parent who is deemed “unfit”.  Even I have trouble mustering up too much sympathy for a parent who is on drugs and is not fulfilling their parental duties to their children. But there’s a problem with this logic that I had not thought of until recently.

What if the State decides that you are unfit to have your kids if you teach them about Jesus?

Or if you don’t give them everything they ask for?

Or if you paddle them?

We’ve got a runaway government here people. Ron Paul has been trying to tell us for almost thirty years, and we haven’t been listening.

Its time to listen.

As government grows, the amount of liberty you have shrinks. There’s an indirect correlation between the size of government and the amount of liberty a citizen has.

It all goes back to the wise saying, “He who sacrifices liberty for security deserves neither”. Thanks Ben Franklin. You knew what was going on.


8 responses to “We Love Big Brother and He Looks Out for Us

  1. Justin, this is such an over-reaction. A useful and legitimate role for schools is to evaluate and encourage the progress of kids in terms of academics, social development, physical fitness, etc. They’ve long had this role, and it’s a good one. With obesity numbers rising (15 % of children and 30 % of adults in the US), it’s useful to make sure parents understand the problem and are not in denial.

    To jump from a school sending home health reports to the government taking fat kids away from their parents is silly IMHO

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  3. This “logic” you speak of is no different than if the state decided that since it seeks to protect adults from physical or financial grievances it could also shield them from proselytizing or other non-criminal, non-threatening actions. So the potential problem isn’t with the power to remove kids from severely abusive or neglectful situations, but rather with the threshold required to exercise that power. As freedom loving people, we simply need to stay vigilant so that the threshold remains appropriately high and the state does not abuse its power.

  4. Justin, I agree. Dan Carlin has been talking about this for year on his podcast.

  5. Justin, I think this assumes too much about the competence of parents these days. As somone who has spent years working closely with inner city kids I am glad that government organizations are making an effort to pick up the slack that unfortunately parents have left.

    Not only that but this whole silppery slope argument is too much. One of the first things we learned in my communications classes was to avoid the type of argument you are using that tries to connect point a to b to c and on and on. Lets deal with the problems we have now not the ones we think may occur in the future. I still like Ron though, and you know if I was a voter he would certainly get my vote.

  6. I’m not assuming anything Rogue… I know full well that there are terrible parents that exist out there. I even said that.

    My point is that when the state has the right to take away your children, for ANY reason, its not a slippery slope thing… you say if the government or the masses determine it, its legal for the government to take your child. In essence, your children are only yours insofar as you follow whatever codes the government comes up with.

    I’m not saying they are gradually going to enslave us. I’m saying its all ready here. They have the power. And you will have nothing to say if that line gets drawn at a place you don’t accept.

    Its the same with government regulating moral behaviors. When someone thinks gay marriage is wrong, they think we should ban it. Fine for them. They aren’t gay and wanting to marry. But when the government gets a power, its hard to rescind that power. If a group of people then got control of the government that disagreed say, with the religious right, they might decide preaching the bible isn’t ok because it isn’t nice. And I don’t think the RR would be happy about that… but they got the ball rolling when they gave the government that power initially.

    Make sense?


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