Ron Paul, Poll Numbers, and McCain is Out of Cash

So, McCain is in the red. By about 100,000 dollars.

Sure, he does have 1.8 million for his general election fund, but he’s still running in third place. And he’s got no money for upward mobility.

And onto Ron Paul and poll numbers.

I found this link over at and they make a pretty good case as to why Ron Paul is dominating the internet, but his poll numbers are still lacking (but rising… up to 5% in the latest gallup poll)

Most of the polls taken are of likely republican primary voters. Which mostly means, people who voted in the primaries for 2004.

Wanna know what voter turnout was like for the 2004 Republican Primaries. 6.6%

And there’s a reason for that obviously. GWB was running unopposed. There really wasn’t any reason to vote. The nomination was a lock.

But that means, in many of these polls, the couple percentage points that Ron Paul is getting are from people who went out of their way to vote for Bush in the primaries in 2004. Those, I would imagine, are part of the 35 percenters that still support this administration.

And when Ron Paul wins this election, Phil Wilson is gonna owe me dinner at J. Alexanders.


9 responses to “Ron Paul, Poll Numbers, and McCain is Out of Cash

  1. I was listening to O’Reilly on the radio around noon today, and someone called in to say that she thought that Ron Paul really had a shot because she went toa recent rally and….then O’reilly cut her off. He then said that he couldn’t spend any more time talking about things that couldn’t happen. He said Ron Paul has no chance of winning the nomination, so he can’t spend any more time talking about Ron Paul because there is too much else to talk about (on a 3 hr daily radio show no less).

    Well, perhaps it is that attitude that is keeping more American from hearing about what Ron Paul is about.

    I think you are right in your post about the poll numbers. Obama is definately going to win the nomination despite current poll numbers, and Paul isn’t a shoe-in, but he definately isn’t out.

  2. Cool article.

    The establishment’s time has come. They know it now. Ron Paul is apparently the cure for the apathy that has enveloped our nation over the last two generations. We realize that we allowed our freedoms to be stripped away without a fight because of our fears and ignorance. We realize the Constitution is under attack and we are poised to defend it!

    The people, entire families for that matter, are coming out of the woodworks and joining this revolution. I had almost lost all hope for the future of our country. I lost faith in my fellow citizens who act more like mindless drones rather than patriots.

    The multitudes of Ron Paul supporters from all walks of life have given me hope once again. This movement has only just begun and the world is watching the new American Revolution. The sleeping lion has finally awakened and it does not like what it sees.

  3. Don Chappell Sr

    I’m a 70 yo Gr8tGrmpa Veteran who does not want to see his grandkids drafted into an illegal, senseless, war on terror, that Goosestepping Bush/Blair declared could last another 10 to 15 years. Bring the troops home and my grandchildren, by my side, can be true patriots and help defend our own borders. I’m all RON PAUL all the way!

  4. Justin, if you’re worried about protecting the constitution, you should vote for Kucinich… I mean, c’mon, he carries a pocket version on him at all times.

  5. my favorite ron paul line was in the last GOP debate when they were all asked about when a President can go to war without Congressional approval. Rudy said he would if the circumstances called for it. Romney said he would ask his lawyers. Ron Paul, exasperated, said that the Constitution says you can’t go to war without Congressional approval. it was priceless.

  6. Justin…Justin Mundie….king of the wild frontier

  7. On another political note, I just took two online “pick your candidate quizzes,” and one said I should support Mike Gravel, and the other said Obama. Hmmmm… I dont know if that was relevant at all, but fear not I wont be voting so you need not worry about me Justin, and other RP supporters.

  8. I am meeting with 100 people from both sides of the aisle at the end of November. We all agree that the issues we have had it with are immigration management, foreign policy, currency devaluation, and national debt. The group is putting our local, state, and federal politicians on notice that we think they are not doing so well in these areas. We are more than willing to increase the groups size by 10 fold if we do not achieve a response and action. Remember this group comes from both sides of the aisle. This is primarily a group of small town, under 45 yrs old, working class families willing to come together to listen to an economist, legal immigrant, and an Iraq war veteran. We would like to know just how the facts are affecting our nation. Then we will decide exactly how to act as a group to induce change. We can’t seem to get our nickels worth from the local, state, or federal politicians in either party.

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