Ron Paul

Today is Guy Fawkes day… a day that Ron Paul supporters have decided to money bomb the campaign. The goal was to get 100,000 people to donate 100 dollars a piece today. That won’t happen. But, as of 8 AM, a third of the way through the day, 850,000 dollars has been donated. I guess its just spambots right?

You can check this link to see currently how much money has been donated today.


8 responses to “Ron Paul

  1. If everyone who signed up for the moneybomb donates just $100, that will generate roughly $1.8 million for the campaign. As I write this, the Paul campaign is getting pretty close to raising that $1.8 million, already having exceeded $1 million raised in a handful of hours overnight. The campaign still has many more hours to go. I’m not sure what the one-day record for fundraising is for a presidential campaign, but I have a feeling Ron Paul may well break that record today.

  2. Hey Justin, it definitely is all of us SpamBots donating.

    Found your blog via Google BlogSearch, surprised to see how many people I know on your blogroll.

    How about putting up a FeedBurner RSS link to your site so we can grab updates easier?

  3. Hey, I have no idea how to do that. I would if I knew.

    BTW, your name looks really familiar… do we know each other somehow?

  4. Justin: You may recognize me because I am a rabble rouser amongst us Christians (moreso than even you Emergent types!). I run VIPMinistry, a church printing co-op, and I am also a vocal preterist on a lot of dispensationalist blogs. I may be the friend of few 🙂

    If you want to add a FeedBurner link, drop me an e-mail, you have my address in your wordpress admin page on this post. I can walk you through it very easily. What is nice about FeedBurner is that we can subscribe to your updates, and you get a real-time report of how many people actually subscribe. FeedBurner is free and they offer tons of widgets to promote your site easily for those who want to pop in, grab a feed, and then get updates through an RSS reader (also free).

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  6. Justin,

    An RSS feed is already available, you just need to place a link to it on your main page so that people will know about it:

  7. Jonathon: That’s the one I use, but it would be better for him if he FeedBurner’d it. Also FeedBurner creates a more compatible RSS link for those who use a variety of different FeedReader platforms.

  8. a comments rss feed would be helpful

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