Must See TV Thursdays

I don’t know if they still call it Must See TV… I feel like last year they may have called it “Comedy Night Done Right”… regardless, I just got through watching what I consider the best two hours of television of my week; My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, The Office, and Scrubs.

This week, apparently, was the week to preach at people about global warming on NBC. I remember seeing something about NBC being Green this week during Heroes, but I paid scant attention to it. Tonight, it was a little more in your face, so to speak.

Not only were we barraged with “The More You Know….” public service announcements during every commercial break, but each episode had some sort of environmental theme running throughout. I mean, shoot, tonights Scrubs episode was called “My Inconvenient Truth”. Gag me. With a spork.

I am all for conservation. I have the special 5 dollar light bulbs, set my thermostat to uncomfortable temperatures, bought a small manual transmission vehicle (cause I can’t afford a decent hybrid) etc etc etc.

But this Global Warming stuff is hyped out of control and the media is insistent upon preaching every chance they get. Am I the only one getting sick of it?

Am I the only one sick of Robert Kennedy Jr lecturing everyone about driving SUVs when he has his own private jet?

Am I the only one sick of Al Gore’s hype filled movie while his home uses an exorbitant amount of electricity per month 

Am I the only one that thinks its absolutely ludicrous for someone to suggest using one sheet of toilet paper per bathroom visit ? (Note, there are plenty of other ridiculous statements in the previous link. Read away)

I will not disagree that there are some people who are involved in the Green movement for legitimate reasons. They really care for the environment (and should). They really think we need to be better stewards of the earth (we do). But from my vantage point, there is something deeper behind this whole movement. Its about control. Its about a group of people who believe that their ideas are superior to those of the masses, who are just too dumb to understand, so those who are intelligent should force their lifestyles (well, parts of their lifestyles) on the rest of the country regardless of the effects on the quality of their lives.


5 responses to “Must See TV Thursdays

  1. I noticed that last night, and found it pretty ridiculous. I am all for taking god care of God’s creation — but that’s a far cry from worshiping the environment and buying into the “man-made” global warming myth.

    Have you seen the John Stossel “Give Me A Break” segment on global warming? Every high school and college student should be required to watch it. I think it’s available on YouTube.

  2. The push for unlimited and unsustainable consumption is momentarily interrupted, and it’s too much to tolerate? “Give me a break!”

  3. How did the unlimited and unsustainable consumption cease last night? They made episodes just like they normally do. They aired commercials just like they normally do, except for one slot per C-Break that told me I’m a bad person cause I can’t afford to buy a Pious…. I mean a Prius (my bad).

    What would you say if a preacher at your church preached that drinking was bad, but he drank all the time? I’m sure cries of hypocrisy would ring out. Is that not what’s happening here. We’re being told to make sacrifices that greatly impact our lives (can a family of five really drive a hybrid?)

    I don’t think anyone disagrees that we’re using unsustainable means to produce things. Anyone that has to fill up a car with gas can tell you that. The thing is though, and I probably should have touched on this in the post, is that we can’t get from terrible third world conditions (like we had pre industrial revolution) to conditions where people like you and me can live for 80 years, comfortably, without fossil fuels. We’re getting to a point where we can transition away from those things, but the market has to be what gets us there. No amount of government regulation will help the situation more than it hurts it. Government mandates on using biofuels, for example, is the main culprit in my grocery bill increasing by 25% or so in the last year or two. Milk is 4 dollars a gallon now. You know why? You need cows for milk and you need corn for cows. But because the government subsidizes ethanol and other corn based fuels, the demand for corn has skyrocketed, resulting in higher prices for every product that uses corn. We could make a list, but I’m sure you know how extensive that is. And who does the spike in food cost hit the most? The poor and those on fixed incomes.

    That’s just one example among many. We need to let the market take care of this. When it is no longer feasible to use the resources we are using, prices will rise, resulting in greater profit margins for big oil companies and others, and because they are capitalist entrepreneurs, they invest that money back into their companies (and often times raise wages of employees) and that investment yields new technologies that can make them more profitable than they currently are. If they can figure out how to make something cheaper and more efficient, they will. They are required to attempt to do that, by law, for their shareholders.

    What I guess I’m getting at is that its not so simple. Its not as simple as just regulating the hell out of business to make them produce what the market can’t support. Its not so simple as to demonize anyone that doesn’t use the right lightbulbs, or buy the correct cars. And its not so simple to think that the government really has our best interests at heart. Look at Iraq. Was that our best interest? Look at biofuel. Was that our best interest? Our government (republicans and democrats) are drunk with power. They don’t have your best interests in mind. They have their own best interests in mind. And its always going to be that way unless we elect people that don’t really want to be there in the first place.

    This is long and rambly… but its all to say that its just not that simple.

  4. dude, did an environmentalist shit in your cheerios this morning? No one is hyterically calling for people to make unbearable sacrifices, so stop acting like the environmentalists are these fascists who want to destroy life as we know it. There are a few nut jobs who may think that, but don’t throw everyone who is mildly concerned with the environment into that bucket.

    And for someone who seems to despise Sean Hannity as much as you seem to, it’s odd to hear the same talking point coming from you that comes from him about Al Gore. Here’s a story from CBS from February about how Gore purchases alternative energy from TVA (it’s an option for us here in TN), but that was before he put in the solar panels on his house(

  5. I agree that it’s not that simple…for example, that all we need to do is let the marketplace take care of it. It seems to me that the marketplace is all about the production and consumption of goods and services such that corporate profits are maximized on a relatively short timescale. Lots of benefits come from this system, but it also has the potential for harm since maximizing corporate profit on a short timescale is not necessarily equivalent to what is “best” for society, particularly in the longer term. In the first half of the 20th century, the marketplace was doing a bang-up job of trashing the environment…subsequent to the clean air act, that situation has been much improved to the great benefit of society. Since the marketplace has different goals and is not guaranteed to respond to issues on the necessary timescale, I think we have to at least consider whether or not it needs to be perturbed on occasion for the good of society. The marketplace is also rather conservative and will continue to be so with great uncertainty about energy/raw material supplies and carbon taxes, etc. The technological advances necessary in the near future will probably need, in my opinion, to be catalyzed by significant R&D funding from society (via governmental funding of the science) in addition to venture capital and normal corporate R&D. With the rest of the world following our lead out of 3rd world conditions in the next 50 years, the energy demand is going to increase to an extent that is dramatic and unsustainable (in terms of resources and the environment…even if it isn’t the case already) without advances in technology occurring faster than what the marketplace will dictate, in my opinion.

    Yes, the government does stupid and harmful things. So does the marketplace. Society needs to use science and technology and rational data-based decision-making to solve our problems…not trust solely in either short-term political fortunes or short-term corporate profits to take us where we need to go.

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