“For God’s Sake, Please Stop the Aid…”

I’ve got a post brewing about why Jesus doesn’t care about poverty… at least not in the way we seem to care about poverty. But it needs some time.

So for now, check out why our government MUST stop sending aid to Africa and other nations. This interview with a Kenyan Economist might surprise you.


3 responses to ““For God’s Sake, Please Stop the Aid…”

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  2. While you’re at it, could you do a post about how Jesus didn’t care about homosexuality? In the “either Jesus didn’t talk about it or the gospel writer’s didn’t think it was important” way of not caring about it. I’m tired of hearing Christians say that the greatest commandment is “thou shalt not bone dudes”.

    On a lighter note, did anyone see Pat Robertson on HANNITY and colmes? I’m really not militantly pro-life, and I’m actually pro-gay rights, but it was pretty disgusting anyway to hear Pat Robertson say that he was supporting Rudy in spite of the fact that he is pro-choice and he is pro-gay rights because he thought the most important issue was fighting the islamist terrorists. If you are willing to sacrifice your conviction (no matter if those convictions are a little silly) for a President who promises to make you safe from terrorists, you really are a sad excuse for a spiritual leader. I don’t think Jesus said “Blessed are the scared, because they will give up anything they believe in for a little safety”

  3. Justin, just curious what you think about this. I couldnt help but think of you when I read it.


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