Ludwig von Mises quotes

Maybe it won’t be a Thursday thing; just a thing I do on occasion. Without further ado:

The factory owners did not have the power to compel anybody to take a factory job. They could only hire people who were ready to work for the wages offered to them…. Their only refuge was the factory. It saved them, in the strict sense of the term, from death by starvation.

-Ludwig von Mises


9 responses to “Ludwig von Mises quotes

  1. Seeking historical justifications for a continuation of injustice?

  2. I would ask you what is just, besides two free people coming to an agreement on wages? Is 10 dollars an hour “just” for a worker today? Is not 20 dollars an hour more “just”? What about 100 dollars an hour?

    Justice is somewhat subjective… and it really comes down to what someone’s conscience tells them and what their work is worth to the company.

    Was it just that people lived year to year, wondering if the weather would support a decent enough crop that they could continue to live and eat for another year?

  3. Corporations and human beings are not equal.

  4. It is not a free trade when one must bargain to labor to live.

  5. What is equal?

    You still didn’t answer my question. What is justice?

    And to your second point, how else to people live rather than to bargain or barter? No human being can live without laboring. While they may not labor themselves, someone is laboring for them in order to provide. Without labor, there is no life. What other options do you see besides people voluntarily entering into contracts in order to provide for their livelihood? Do you believe in no private property, where everyone is a nomad? Do you believe that government is somehow more fair and just than a corporation? That government should provide, by means of either confiscation of private property or slavery, everything for life for all individuals?

    I’d really like to know, because I see no other way for a progressing society to function.

  6. Can we deal with society as we find it here and now and not make claims about historical justifications?

  7. Do you believe our society is a just one, where the wealthy need not labor, and the poor cannot but upon permission?

  8. Do you believe our society is a just one, where the wealthy need not labor, and the poor cannot but upon permission?

  9. I apologize for the double comment, WordPress burped.

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