Bush the Liar?

For a while,  even when I stopped supporting this administration, I didn’t want to admit that they straight up lied about intelligence to get us into the war in Iraq. But after seeing that the administration knew that Iran’s nuclear weapons program ceased in 2003, and they continued to push the WW3 (or 4, can’t keep count) rhetoric, it makes me angry. Very angry.

And don’t think that Democrats don’t do the same thing. Anyone remember when Clinton bombed an Asprin factory?

There’s a way to stop this madness. We must get rid of our empire. We must get rid of the welfare/warfare state.


2 responses to “Bush the Liar?

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  2. You know, people were talking on the radio or somewhere about this, about how this really calls into question whether or not Bush can be believed, and I was thinking back. way back.

    I remember vividly reading a long Talk Magazine (rest its soul) article about the history of W when it started to look like he could get the nomination back in 99 and 00, and thinking that this guy was both a fool and completely untrustworthy. I tried to tell everyone I knew. I couldn’t vote that year, but man was I disappointed when he was elected.

    I also remember vividly on 9/11 talking to my mom that afternoon about everything and telling her that the thing I was really scared of is that they were going to use this as an excuse to get everyone worked up to support us going to war with all sorts of folks.

    Perhaps there will be a similar “A Ha” moment that you can recall 5 years from now when you wanred us about there coming danger from the liberals as we are walking down the proverbial road to serfdom, but in the meantime, I feel less lonely all the time in my political views, and often am really surprised to meet folks out there who somehow think that W is truly an honest man who has done a lot of good for our country. I don’t know where to begin, smile, and change the subject.

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