Iowa Predictions

I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and I may end up with egg on my face, but here are my predictions for Iowa today.


Obama 33%

Edwards  30%

Clinton 29%

Richardson 5%

Kucinich 2%

Biden 1%


Romney 24%

Huckabee 21%

Paul 17%

McCain 15%

Thompson 11%

Gulliani 10%

Hunter: 2%

Keyes 0%

No, its not quite like the polls out there, but I think polls are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Paul’s support is quite underrepresented due to young voters (like myself) not having land lines, as well as the large number of people voting who don’t fall under the polling sample “likely Republican Primary Voters”.

Today is gonna change the race, and Fox News is gonna have egg on their face for not including RP in their New Hampshire forum this weekend.


2 responses to “Iowa Predictions

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  2. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but since at each caucus, they make a decision about whether your campaign is viable, and then make some caucusers join another campaign if they don’t have enough people to caucus, doesn’t that sort of eliminate the possibility of people getting 1-10%? Won’t the people caucusing for them just join another campaign? I guess we’ll see

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