I was a little disappointed. I’m not going to lie.

I was certain Ron Paul would come in third. I just knew it.

But he didn’t.

I don’t know if anyone forsaw the large group of Evangelicals that came out to vote. I imagine many came out to support Huckabee, and I’d like to believe that many of them left not supporting him, deciding instead to vote for Thompson and McCain.

Anyway, Ron Paul got 10 percent. 6 months ago, who would have thought that the “gadfly” would have received 10% of the vote in an election dominated by the Christian Right? Or in a state dominated by government welfare to corporate farms? An antiwar libertarian got 10% in a high turnout race in a state that should be, by default, a state not receptive to his message. I can handle 5%. But we need New Hampshire.

Now on to the candidates who will all be equally bad for our country.

The clear loser of the night was Romney. He spent tons of his own money in Iowa, and what does he have to show for it? A distant second to a guy with no money, and who, just a month ago, was polling in the single digits.  If he doesn’t win first in New Hampsire, he’s done.

Another major upset was Guilliani losing by 6% to Ron Paul.  Contrary to popular belief, Gulliani spent significantly more time in Iowa than Paul, so his 4% finish was especially humiliating. He may be done as his money is running dry.

For the Democrats:

Oprah won in Iowa. Congrats Oprah!

Hillary in 3rd place. Unless she wins New Hampshire, she’s gone. I bet the campaign coffers are getting a little shallow there as well.


One response to “Iowa

  1. i may be totally wrong, but i think there is a large contingent of young, independent voters who would just as soon vote for obama as paul. that seems weird considering that they have very different positions about just about everything, but i think that people our age are less concerned about issues as just having someone honest in the white house.

    I think that if Hillary were looking like she were running away with it in iowa that many of the people who voted for obama would have caucused for paul. But because obama was polling like he might win, they felt that their caucus vote was better served with a candidate that could win than caucusing for a candidate who probably couldn’t win.

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