Sometimes you just get that feeling…

You know, the feeling that the situation you are in is bad, but there’s not really a reason for you to feel that way?

That happened to Carrie and me last night

Let me preface this by saying I do not get freaked out by homeless people. I’ve dealt with them a ton in Memphis, and now in East Nashville. But last night was something different. Its entirely possible that who I ran into was just a well dressed 40 year old white homeless man who had some how picked up a picture ID that he wore around his neck. But I can’t shake how freaked out I was.

Carrie and I went with some friends to Sam’s Sports Bar in Hillsboro Village. Parking is always tough in their lot, so we parked in the Bank of America lot a block over. The sign said that it was bank parking only during business hours. It wasn’t business hours, so we went ahead and parked.

We ate dinner and watched the UNC game, and after our failed attempts at participating in the trivia game going on at Sam’s, we decided to cut out. We walked to our car, and were getting in when I heard someone talking to who I assumed to be me, from somewhat of a distance. I hopped back out of the car and turned around to see what was going on. A man walked up to me and reiterated what I hadn’t heard completely before, that the tow trucks had come out and were about to tow my car, but he convinced them not to.

I was confused, because there should have been no reason for a tow truck to be in that lot, which, according to the signs, was fair game after business hours (it was 9 oclock). I mentioned that the signs said it was BOA parking only during business hours, so I was confused as to why the tow trucks would have even been there (and I’m thinking at this point, why would they even listen to this guy).

He continued on that he worked at the Cathedral, and he flashed this picture ID hanging around his neck (which I didn’t study intently, as he didn’t give me a chance to). He was a white man, clean shaven, clean in general, with a navy blazer and a plaid button up and slacks on. Not the normal threads of a homeless man looking to score a buck. He told me that his car had broken down and he was walking back to his house in Green Hills. I said ok, and started to get back in the car. He started talking again as I got in the car and asked if I was going to Green Hills. I said no, and that I was headed to East Nashville, the complete opposite direction. I got in the car and immediately locked the doors as he walked away into the next parking lot. Carrie and I sat for a second, discussing how creepy it was, and as we drove away, he was walking back to the parking lot that he’d previously been in, and I decided to call the non emergency police number.

He may have just been a guy down on his luck who didn’t know quite how to bum a ride. But all I was thinking the entire time I was talking to him was “serial killer”. I know that’s terrible, but sometimes you have to go with your gut. And my gut was saying, “Get the hell out of here.”

Anyone else from Nashville run into this guy before?


One response to “Sometimes you just get that feeling…

  1. I haven’t heard of this guy before, but I’ll keep an eye out. I would have been creeped out as well.

    His story seems pretty whack. If you were going to get towed for illegal parking there is no way that some random guy could “convince” them not to tow you. IMHO.

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