I never imagined myself to be one of the “crazies” that believed that folks were cheating in elections.

But, the more I learned about Ohio in 2004, I started thinking maybe it was possible.

And now, I think its pretty clear that the Clintons, or the powers that be, had something to do with New Hampshire.

And it appears that Ron Paul voters were undercounted as well.


6 responses to “Diebold

  1. I try to push this kind of stuff out of my mind, but it’s real. Go rent “Hacking Democracy” from netflix or blockbuster. It is a documentary from HBO that played right before the last mid-terms. It shows how easily machine counts can be manipulated.

    From a less tin-foil hat perspective, Jon Stewart last night interviewed John Zogby of the Zogby poll. In typical Daily Show fashion, Stewart asks the most obvious and most important question that needs to be asked after the pollsters were so wrong in New Hampshire: is the ubiquitous reporting of polls actually affecting the voting itself. Did independents see that Obama was heading for a blowout, and used their wildcard vote to make sure the crazies on the GOP side didn’t win? If the polls were not so widely reported, would people have voted like they had indicated in the polls? Good question…

  2. Thanks again for the link to good news. I’ll just come to your blog instead of BBC, CNN, and NPR for the important news from now on.

    Speaking of news, I don’t necessarily buy the allegations, but didn’t know if you had heard. (http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/01/10/paul.newsletters/index.html)

  3. I know exactly what you mean about this being new territory on doubting the election. I posted similar sentiments on my blog last night. I’ll take it with a big grain of salt, but I’m glad someone is looking into this.

  4. On top of him being a republican, I just have too many questions about Ron Paul.


    He may not have written it, but it’s certainly his responsibility to know what goes out repeatedly under his name. JEWS don’t forget.

  5. Belinda,

    First, I think the fact that you refuse to vote for someone because of the letter that follows their name is dumb. Republicans and Democrats have believed a number of different things over time. I mean, shoot, the Republicans were abolitionists when the Democrats were pro slavery. Not considering someone because they aren’t part of your party is ignorant.

    Second, RP has said that he didn’t write it, but that he is culpable nonetheless. Its obvious, if you listen to his message, that he doesn’t believe those things. And even if he did, he doesn’t believe the government has that authority over people. Libertarianism is about freedom for individuals, not groups. They don’t look at you and say “Belinda is a Jew” or “Belinda is [insert something here]” they say, Belinda is an individual just as deserving of the rights granted to us by God as anyone else here. Those rights cannot be usurped by either a person or the government.

    This website should surprise you.


    BTW, I thought you were a Christian. Area you Jewish by heritage?

    Also, you’re always pining for the return of the Soviet Union. What was their record on protecting Jews… or just people in General? From my understanding, Lenin and Stalin, and the whole lot of them, had a problem with, you know, systematically killing people, just like Hitler did. Its called totalitarianism… and its the only form of government that violates peoples rights. Libertarian government exists for the sole purpose of protecting individuals rights, not group rights. Cause a group doesn’t have rights. Only people have them.

  6. My husband is Russian, and I’ve learned a lot. I’ll have him respond to your thoughts.

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