Tonight’s Debate

I’m incensed at how Ron Paul, and Huckabee for that matter, were nearly discluded from the debate tonight. Despite what the media may think, this thing is far from over. McCain has no money. The only reason he’s still alive is because of, surprise, free media.

Just unbelievable.


5 responses to “Tonight’s Debate

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  2. What’s up with these stupid blog pings? Looks like some stupid back-scratching going on. They’re innacurate anyway…

    It shoud read: […] Mundie throws another fit of rage because no one will listen to him and he can’t always get his way just because he’s obsessed with a lunatic candidate who has no chance of winning […]


  3. Jealous that people read my blog Jebus?

    Troll somewhere else. Not biting.

  4. Not a fan of the humor, I see?

  5. I am actually watching it right now and knew I had to check your blog to see what you had to say. Politics and media make for a tragic mix sometimes.

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