Police Brutality

This news story just hit the airwaves yesterday. I will warn you, its a little graphic, but this needs to be seen by all around the country.


3 responses to “Police Brutality

  1. This is absolutely disgusting. Does De-Humanization mean anything to these people?
    Cruel and Unusual ? The officers should be charged with sexual assault and imprisoned.

  2. Hey Justin!! This is Kelly Schepp. I have some random questions for you. When you get a chance, e-mail me at khovater@ar.easterseals.com Thanks!! Congrats on the new job!

  3. I saw these videos earlier, absolutely unbelievable. The sadistic animals that think this treatment of a citizen is ever justified need to be put out of our misery. The scariest part of this is the realization that it probably happens a hundred times for each instance that comes to light.

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