Prohibition creates more problems

It always does. Look what happened when some California schools banned junk food.


3 responses to “Prohibition creates more problems

  1. Youssa Djabita

    Typical capitalist pigs… they’ll sell anything (legal or not) to take advantage of other people and turn a selfish profit.

    These are the future Enron and Arthur Anderson leaders in the making… they represent everything wrong with America

  2. Nobody is taking advantage of anyone in this situation. Kids want candy. Other kids are willing to take risks to get that candy to them. And for that risk, they are rewarded with profit.

    Its really the same as any bartering system. Call them capitalist pigs all you want. What these kids are doing is NOT what Ken Lay was doing.

    How much profit isn’t selfish? Is profit in and of itself selfish? If so, how would you advise that economies be run? Profit and Wealth are created through ingenuity and risk. Should people not be rewarded for those things?

  3. Youssa Djabita

    I’m sure the Enron and Arthur Anderson executives tried the same line in court… We didn’t take advantage of anyone, we were just maximizing profits… But I guess some will refuse to see the light and believe them

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