American Idol, Ron Paul, and will the country always elect someone chosen by the media

I watched American Idol last night. I do every week. Its not my favorite show, but Carrie loves it, so I do what any good husband should.

Anyway, Carrie and I have been noticing a phenomenon recently regarding who stays and goes on Idol. Pretty much, no matter how bad you sing, if Simon says its good, you’ll be back in the next round. I have yet to see America vote differently.

Now I will tell you, one might ask whether or not Simon just says bad things to bad singers. Not necessarily. This season, Kristy Lee Cook is STILL on the show, and to be polite, she sucks. Hard. Also, David Hernandez lasted two weeks longer than he should have, on Simon’s comments alone. One week he was so out of tune that I had to mute the television, and Simon said it was his “best performance of the competition”.  And he didn’t go home that week. Basically, what Carrie and I have noticed is that the viewers of Idol are easily manipulated by Simon… which I’m sure he knew going into this TV show. He could essentially pick the winner, and make the ratings good, all by how he doles out his praise and criticism.

My question is, how much does the media affect the election? Would people have thought Ron Paul was crazy if they hadn’t heard story after story after story  where the mainstream media said that he was? Can the American people elect a President against the will of the media?


9 responses to “American Idol, Ron Paul, and will the country always elect someone chosen by the media

  1. I understand what you’re saying. I think Obama is the media’s golden boy, and that’s the main reason he’s beating Billary.

    But it was clear that Kerry was the media’s candidate in 2004, and he didn’t win.

  2. Well, that’s debatable. There were some pretty severe voting irregularities in Ohio.

  3. That’s what the media wants you to believe. There were many investigations here in Ohio, and they turned up nothing. Same with Florida in 2000. In every recount that was done, Bush won.

    Every time the Democrats lose they cry “Voter irregularities!”

  4. Politics & Culture, while I dont support democrats (I am all about small goverment), I do feel the need to correct your statment “Same with Florida in 2000. In every recount that was done, Bush won.” If I recall, Bush took a case to the supreme court which had them STOP the recount. He won, 5-4, and the recount was stopped and it even became illegal to recount the votes, no matter who you were. While Bush did win in 2000, not everyones votes were counted correctly. (the real outcome will never be known) As for a more on-topic discussion, I think the American Idol analogy is very accurate, as more and more people in this country become less and less responsible for themselves. (Housing crisis, anyone?) With rights come responsibilities.

  5. After seeing what the media did this election, the american people should be all over congress to break up all the media conglomerates. There is too much power in two few hands. The media chooses our president because they have the brainwashing tool to do it.

  6. No need to do that. The internet is destroying traditional media. It will take time, but competition will eventually destroy that monopoly.

  7. Given that the media didn’t report at all the voter irregularities in Ohio, I’m not sure you can say “that’s what the media wants you to believe.”

    Justin, I agree that media has an unhealthy hold on the opinions of most Americans. I would like to make a point about Obama. Of late, he has been favored by many in the media, but let’s not forget how he got where he is. All we heard about forever was how Hillary was inevitable, and how it was Hillary and John Edwards. Obama got his initial popularity the hard way. He was charismatic and said what people wanted to hear. You can’t pawn that off on the media.

  8. That’s true. The media were late to jump on the Obama bandwagon. But I don’t think there’s any question at this point that they are firmly in his camp. Take the Clinton Bosnia fiasco. Just 6 months ago, she could literally say whatever she wanted, and not expect to be fact checked. It had been that way for almost 16 years. But now, things have changed. Obama WAS NOT vetted by the media… think about how people were digging into the pasts of almost all of the Republican candidates (with the exception of McCain, who’s smear story they sat on til he had the nom). Even RP, who was a longshot, had smear pieces in the media. Obama’s pastor stuff didn’t come out until it broke on the blogs and youtube. Romney gets grilled about all points of Mormon theology, Obama has been attending a church that preaches black liberation theology, which as we’re seeing now, makes a significant portion of America very uncomfortable (not commenting here on what his pastor says, just the fact that its radical) and no one in the MSM has said anything about it until now.

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