I Haven’t Harped on Universal Health Care in a while…

but this stuck out at me over at Lew Rockwell’s site. Apparently in the UK, 4 of 10 women in labor are turned away at the hospital (this is not the exact link I wanted, but its broken right now) their health system has stopped paying for a drug that saves people with a lung disease, and a 61 year old woman was turned down for a 10,000 dollar heart surgery because she was too old.

Man… its great that these people are being served by selfless bureaucrats and not greedy capitalists.

A government that is powerful enough to give you universal health care is also powerful enough to deny you care.


3 responses to “I Haven’t Harped on Universal Health Care in a while…

  1. Ok, so I know it’s unfair that I’m an accountant, but the numbers in that first story don’t add up to 40% of all women in labor in the UK being turned away. Concerning the other two stories, that is tragic that there are people that cannot have access to that sort of care, but if you’re trying to say our system is better because those people were denied treatment, I’m not sure what fantasyland you’re living in. People are turned down for expensive or experimental treatment all the time in this country by their health insurance companies.

    Whether you are talking about socialized medicine by way of the government or by way of the healthcare companies, the problems of scarcity are the same. The difference is that one requires a profit. In capitalism, profit motivates superior service and value because of competition. In the US healthcare system, there is no competition and there is no motivation. There is just the additional cost of profit.

  2. Yes, you are right. But at least in a non government run system, you have the option of paying for something yourself. I don’t know how the system works exactly in the UK, but I know in Canada, its illegal to buy your own health care. And being denied by a private company is very different than being denied by the government, especially when you are forced to pay for your coverage.

  3. Be careful about your words. In some countries, it is illegal to buy you own HEALTH INSURANCE. It is not illegal to buy your own healthcare. If there is a treatment that you are denied payment for, you are allowed to reach into your pocket just as you are in this country. In other countries, such as the UK, you are allowed to have private insurance if you so choose.

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