This is Christianity

Man, I absolutely love hearing stories like this. What makes me angry is that, often times, those that react to violence this way are not Christians. Well, then again, maybe they are. They are the ones that are acting like Christ. Unlike many of us who resort to violence as a first defense.


3 responses to “This is Christianity

  1. Look. There is evil in this world. What this guy did was appeasement. Simple as that. This guy is a pinhead. Christianity is all well and good when things are going good, but when you are confronted with evil, you have to do the American thing, and pull out the good that you are Constitutionally allowed to carry, and kill the pinhead. Jesus hated pinheads, and that’s what he would have wanted you to do. And don’t forget to buy our new “Kill the Pinhead. That’s what Jesus would have wanted.” Tshirts. They come in men’s and women’s sizes and are the hottest things in the factor store right now. If you order one this week, we’ll throw in a free copy of “Children are Americans too, and so they are allowed to kill pinheads”

  2. agreed. there are much worse things in this world than dying.

  3. I just happened upon your blog when doing a google search for our Church’s Clothing sale, Highland Street….what a great blog you have here. I have a cousin in the music business at EMI right there in nashville, I thought about that when I read you were at the Dove Awards….any who, great blog, do you mind if I cross-post your link to my personal blog..?

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