McCain is Out of His Mind

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From Newsweek:

“We have enemies for which no attack is too cruel.”

Republican presidential candidate John McCain, in a major address to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, in which he argued that the United States has a moral duty to remain in Iraq

I know that he’s just trying to appear strong and defense and what not, but when you unpack what he’s trying to say here, it’s scary.  What happened to the guy who was opposed to torture?  Presumably the Vietnamese thought similar thoughts about us when they captured and tortured him since the Vietnamese didn’t do anything to us but we blew the fuck out that country.  Presumably he didn’t think they had a right to torture him (or maybe he did).  If he doesn’t think it was right for the Vietnamese to do cruel things to us, how does he think it’s right to do cruel things to them?

Because he’s insane?


2 responses to “McCain is Out of His Mind

  1. McCain must have Altzheimers.

  2. y is so insightful…

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