Joe Bastardi Rips Al Gore

This article made my day. Al’s scaremongering is nearing its end. Global temperature is going to cool this year due to La Nina and/or solar minimum. Now Al’s going to spend 300 million dollars to push his propaganda, which looks to me like a final hail mary. Maybe its more of a last ditch investment. His carbon credit company stands to make a load of cash if AGW is accepted by the general public…


5 responses to “Joe Bastardi Rips Al Gore

  1. That’s a great article. I am really sick of the radical environmentalists pushing their agenda down our throats.

    You can be an environmentalist (recycling, reducing waste and energy usage, keeping your community clean, etc.) without buying into the garbage that Al Gore and others are trying to sell.

  2. Believing in recycling is the radical belief if you ask me

  3. Good news for all you libertarians… you guys finally have some support to throw behind… Bob Barr just announced he’s running as a libertarian for Prez… Isn’t this great for libertarians? They finally have a candidate for Prez.

  4. Ahahahaha.

  5. You are wrong. Global climate change is happening now and will continue.

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