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Capitalism vs Statism

Lew Rockwell sums it up….. (this is especially for you Jerry)


Great Article On Bob Barr and Conservatism

This article is a must read on why people that call themselves conservatives must take a look at what the Republican Party has become, have a come to Jesus moment, and vote for Bob Barr. I wish people weren’t so blinded by their fear of a ragtag group of Islamic crazies that they couldn’t see that their “conservative” leaders are nothing more than modern fascists.

Money Quote

As for foreign policy, many people believe Bush’s approach has been right-wing.
I regard this as nothing more than a liberal plot to discredit conservatives. The neoconservative foreign policy endorsed by Bush comes directly out of left-wing ideas of internationalism. We right-wingers don’t give a damn about spreading democracy for the simple reason that the democratic will of foreigners is going to be exercised in their interest, not ours.

For those of you who have trouble understanding, this means that forcing a group of people to have a democratic government is, well, not democracy

I’m Tired of People

Most people are dumb. The older I get, the more I realize this.

Its not their fault, at least in total. Television and Radio especially have taught those in our country that there is no room for nuance. The other side of any discussion has nothing relevant to say. And the way to win an argument or debate is not by deconstructing the ideology of the person with whom you are debating, but to drag illogical conclusions from what was said previously. For example:

Student at Ezell Harding: I don’t want to go to Vandy because I don’t agree with their beliefs

Me: What beliefs do you not agree with?

Student: [Silence] You know, their beliefs

Me: Like religious beliefs, cause I’m pretty sure its just a normal Liberal Arts school

Student: Yeah, I don’t like Liberal[ism I’m a conservative….

Me: Well, all schools are Liberal Arts schools, unless they are technical schools. At least that’s my understanding
Student: Well I don’t like Liberals. They don’t support our troops. They are fighting for our freedoms.

Me: Can you not support the troops and disagree with the foreign policy? ( I continue to talk about secular and religious reasons to oppose the war in Iraq)

Student: I saw a quote on facebook that says if you aren’t gonna stand behind our troops, then you should stand in front of them.

Me: That’s a funny little way to tell someone you wish they would just get killed, but it doesn’t answer any of the questions…

I’m finding more and more that this is how these types of conversations go. I don’t know if there has been a shift amongst people, or if I was sheltered to some of that (I admit, that I did say some of those things before, but my argument was a little more nuanced than I seem to be finding these days) but what happened to the Republicans who, you know, were intelligent. Have their given up on their party because its become ideologically bankrupt? Or are people just becoming less intelligent because of mass media?
Any thoughts?