I’m Tired of People

Most people are dumb. The older I get, the more I realize this.

Its not their fault, at least in total. Television and Radio especially have taught those in our country that there is no room for nuance. The other side of any discussion has nothing relevant to say. And the way to win an argument or debate is not by deconstructing the ideology of the person with whom you are debating, but to drag illogical conclusions from what was said previously. For example:

Student at Ezell Harding: I don’t want to go to Vandy because I don’t agree with their beliefs

Me: What beliefs do you not agree with?

Student: [Silence] You know, their beliefs

Me: Like religious beliefs, cause I’m pretty sure its just a normal Liberal Arts school

Student: Yeah, I don’t like Liberal[ism I’m a conservative….

Me: Well, all schools are Liberal Arts schools, unless they are technical schools. At least that’s my understanding
Student: Well I don’t like Liberals. They don’t support our troops. They are fighting for our freedoms.

Me: Can you not support the troops and disagree with the foreign policy? ( I continue to talk about secular and religious reasons to oppose the war in Iraq)

Student: I saw a quote on facebook that says if you aren’t gonna stand behind our troops, then you should stand in front of them.

Me: That’s a funny little way to tell someone you wish they would just get killed, but it doesn’t answer any of the questions…

I’m finding more and more that this is how these types of conversations go. I don’t know if there has been a shift amongst people, or if I was sheltered to some of that (I admit, that I did say some of those things before, but my argument was a little more nuanced than I seem to be finding these days) but what happened to the Republicans who, you know, were intelligent. Have their given up on their party because its become ideologically bankrupt? Or are people just becoming less intelligent because of mass media?
Any thoughts?


23 responses to “I’m Tired of People

  1. A question that I still don’t understand is why supporting your troops must always equate to wishing them to be in harms way. It seems like if you really didn’t support the troops and wanted them to be hurt or killed simply because they are the troops, then you would WANT them to go to war so they would have a greater chance of being hurt or killed. This is a classic example of how extreme conservatism is excellent at defining th terms within popular culture. It’s pro-life versus pro-choice. Why isn’t it the split defined as “pro-big-government vs pro-small-government”. If you define it that way, the pro-choice option seems much more palatable. I think it is because covservatives figured out that they want a huge part of their voting block to be relatively unintelligent, and to reach them you must win the war of the sound byte.

  2. So discussions such as “all government is bad” are an example of nuance? I’m just saying it seems like you’re arguments tend to be a bit reductionist at times…

  3. rogueminister

    I feel like this more than you know. However, I think it is really most people’s choice and their own laziness, not the mass media, that leads them to this kind of stupidity. I would also give a little of the blame to a faltering education system that doesnt challenge people the think critically as long as they can regurgitate information for standardized tests. Finally I think people need to travel more, both within and their country and beyond its borders. This has challenged my thinking a great deal over the years.


  4. Jerry,

    I think I can make a pretty nuanced argument that government is bad. I’m not talking about making statements that sum up my belief without making an argument, I’m talking about people who have no argument. They recite cliches, and they dodge tough questions by repeating platitudes. I don’t think I’ve done that in a long time. Platitudes and cliches are worthless. If one can’t support their position on the iraq war or universal health care with more than a soundbite, then that person is stupid. Plain and simple.

  5. Justin, I concur that it would be mistaken for someone to say that you regularly make reductionist arguments like “all government is bad”. You have room to be a bit more nuanced, but I think it was unfair for Jerry to say that about you

  6. “I’m talking about people who have no argument.”

    That’s definitely what I was referring to. I’m pretty sure you ignore a lot of pro-government information reading through your recent blog titles, it’s clear that you reduce your politic ideology to “capitalism=all good” and “government=all bad. There’s no nuance there, so you fall victim to your own complaint in this post.

  7. I came accross this article looking through the keywords “tired of people”, because that’s how I feel, and I have realized that for a while now, perhaps a few years and more, even without being totally conscious of it.
    What I’m tired about is not the fact that people in general tend to desire being right in their opinion, especially in some countries more than other, and I am not racist, just after having observed european countries, asian countries (I’m european born chinese, living in the US currently) and USA.
    That is the point of every debate, and I found myself just irritated sometimes sitting there and listening for hours arguments that I know are not gonna make a difference, and if anything, will have more negative than positive impact over the world, because most people in the world with a decent education has enough knowledge and common sense to know what’s important versus what’s not (such as global issues versus financial issues) but the world remains the same, no matter how much u debate over it.
    So, in summary, talk all you want, but please think a little whether your talk is actually gonna make a difference, if that’s what you care about, otherwise it’s just boring talk.

  8. I do a search for “I’m tired of people” and this is what I get?

    I was about to agree with you, and then I realized that you were a person too…

  9. Ha.. Soo gay. With your even keeled thoughts and well formed argument. I bet you don’t even bow down to the cult of personality. . Tired of people, Jesus was a person, you dirty commie.

    Idiocracy is a really bad movie with a really brilliant premise. It paints a picture of America 500 years in the future after to much porn, bad T.V. and corporate everything. Everyone has sold they’re naming rights, and by this I mean someone may be named Mercedes Mountain Dew. And language has devolved to a combination of grunts and hip-hop slang. I put the over/under on this becoming a reality at about 12 years.

    I’d say the vast majority of people are dumb, and of all the things in this world to be tired of, I can’t think of anything more tiresome than people. God thats sad.

    I also got here by doing a search for “tired of people”. What’s wrong with us?

  10. I feel the same at times, I usually will run into those few who seem to have nothing better than to screw with my predicamints ,and when I do get ahead there they are to ruin ,sabatoge or kill what little bit of happyness I can find. And then I ‘m left for another year of being unhappy.

  11. Yikes! Another kindred sprit! Some want to know why and I have found that Charlotte Iserbyt, Tom DeWeese and Anthony Sutton to be authors that have been helpful in explaining.
    Once the work of gov schools is done then MSM takes over and in too many cases supplies the type of person as typified in the conversation in your post. The challenge of course, is to let go of the ‘dumb’ label and proceed like a good Christian. That person you call ‘dumb’ is a child of God and a lot like you when you weren’t so smart. I teach what I need to learn. Denny

  12. People are just becoming stupider, which is unfortunate because all the hospitable locations on earth are inhabited.

  13. It’s not the stupid people I’m worried about, it’s the immaturity.

  14. the way i see it for the whole troops argument that people talk about is this:

    -if u dont like the trops because u disagree with war u can say this

    “i disapprove/disagree with the desicion of going to war but i support the troops”
    how hard is that?
    i dont know why people don’t support the troops, wether u like it or not, they’re the only one defending us. …..

  15. I feel like this yeah….. People who just don’t know what I know. And it’s really frustrating, constantly having people [1 person] look down on me because I don’t have a job and think they are a better person for having one! Incomprehensible ignorance – I feel like I am basically baby sitting and constantly humoring them. It’s not as easy as “well don’t spend any time with him then” because he’s a childhood friend and I don’t want to abandon him into the temptations and pretty colours of materialistic fascism; I feel like having a rant at him all the time but I know he couldn’t take it because his universe is very strictly set… It’s all about money etc. and I’ve noticed that people who make money their whole existence often tend to give themselves irrational reasons to spend money – which stems from materialism, which stems from a once shattered ego, as do most false, conditioned souls… If you can’t tell I’ve had a bad night. But still trooping on…..

  16. Oh, and by the way – Moises….. Go and watch Bill Hicks for maybe 300 hours and analyze what he says very carefully.

    The only reason you think ‘Our Troops!!’ are ‘Defending’ you is because you THINK you are being attacked. Do the ‘Mental MATH’ because I think you’ll find – oh yes, this world actually MAKES NO SENSE. Society was created by either A) A group of IDIOTS or B) A very smart bunch of very evil fuckers.

    You live in a tiny little bubble – break out of the bubble please. It’s about bloody time.

  17. Elise Renee Gingerich

    Life Is A Delusion, Delusion Is A Life.
    They Wanted To See The Towers Fall,
    Fall They Wanted The Towers To See.
    Go Crash Crash Boom, Go Boom Boom Crash.
    Black Is White, White Is Black.
    It Was Like A Pink Slip, A Pink Slip It Was Like.
    I Am Satan, Satan Am I.

  18. Avatar of death

    to many stupid people not enough ammo to do population control …. as far as troops they are useless unless they are protecting there own country…. but I don’t agree with any invading force coming into a country and other countries helping the ones being invaded. Or getting involved with a cival war ….. US has had its share …. hell take the troops off the frount line and police your country instead …then maybe a 12 year old kid won’t be coming to school with a rifle and killing people …. oh wait you teach its ok to be morally grey.

  19. theres only one person in life that i wanted to ever hang around. Charles Bukowski. Start reading his books. He says it all 🙂

  20. “Some lose all mind and become soul,insane.
    some lose all soul and become mind, intellectual.
    some lose both and become accepted”
    ― Charles Bukowski

  21. Evangelist, Ray Perkins

    I think media and technology has produced laziness any many areas. With texting and tweeting the use of language is almost non-existent. People take no time to look around anymore at our world. Instead of expanding their knowledge they are on candy crush or some other form of time wasting. People don’t discuss/debate anymore. Most people don’t seem to fully understand what they claim to stand for. I think media has started to consume people’s time to the point that unless it’s on facebook they don’t seek it. The mind is a terrible thing to waste but a lot of people are wasting theirs. I pray people will take some time to go back to the basics, conversation, reading, watching the news, READING THE BIBLE. I said the other day that the more advanced man becomes the lazier he gets.

  22. Read your bibles. Jesus is coming soon.

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