Great Article On Bob Barr and Conservatism

This article is a must read on why people that call themselves conservatives must take a look at what the Republican Party has become, have a come to Jesus moment, and vote for Bob Barr. I wish people weren’t so blinded by their fear of a ragtag group of Islamic crazies that they couldn’t see that their “conservative” leaders are nothing more than modern fascists.

Money Quote

As for foreign policy, many people believe Bush’s approach has been right-wing.
I regard this as nothing more than a liberal plot to discredit conservatives. The neoconservative foreign policy endorsed by Bush comes directly out of left-wing ideas of internationalism. We right-wingers don’t give a damn about spreading democracy for the simple reason that the democratic will of foreigners is going to be exercised in their interest, not ours.

For those of you who have trouble understanding, this means that forcing a group of people to have a democratic government is, well, not democracy


7 responses to “Great Article On Bob Barr and Conservatism

  1. So first you’re on Ron Paul’s bandwagon, and now Bob Barr’s? I smell a flip-flopper…

    How is a lack of democracy really democracy. People in Iraq didn’t want democracy, but now that they have it, voter turnout is incredibly high. When people are blinded to something they don’t understand, of course they are not going to want it.

    And since you didn’t respond to my last comment, I am assuming that admit you lack the ability to understand nuance or you’re too smug to admit it.

  2. Jerry, I’m not sure if you understand nuance if you think that supporting Ron Paul and Bob Barr are mutually exclusive things. Ron Paul is a Libertarian candidate for president turned Republican congressman while Bob Barr is a Republican congressman turned Libertarian presidential candidate. Before this is over, Ron Paul will likely endorse Bob Barr, or at the least not endorse McCain.

    Jerry, on the quote above, I think you may be misunderstanding the libertarian perspective. Bob Barr’s point is that even if it were possible to create a peaceful democracy in Iraq, it wouldn’t be worth what we’ve paid to get it since we will likely get little if any benefit out of it. There is a time and a place to do things selflessly, but I’m not sure if anything is worth what we’ve paid (or really what they’ve paid). Justin’s point is really tangential, I think, to what Bob was trying to say.

    I think Justin is right though. If someone came over in 1776 and did the heavy lifting for us by fighting the british and then told us we’re free…we wouldn’t have become the democracy that we are (were?). Having fought for it makes you care about it a bit more. Add to the equation a religious dispute that spans millenia, it really becomes a hopeless cause that we need not be a part of.

  3. Jerry,

    I think its fine that you come over here and read and comment, but you seem to desire to pick a fight, mostly ridiculous ones, all the time. I have no desire to waste my time responding to you in full, because its clear that you don’t care what I have to say.

    And, to that point, I’m not voting. If that makes me a “flip flopper”, which in my opinion is a tactic used by the intellectually bankrupt who don’t understand that intelligent people often change their minds, then fine. But Y is right, Bob Barr and RP are about 95% the same regarding their platforms. BB helped campaign for Paul during the primaries. Maybe you should do yourself a favor and, you know, think before you leave a comment, cause its clear your intellectual level is that of a 4th grader.

  4. Do you even remember my response on your last post? I said all of your arguments are reduced to capitalism=good and government=bad. Your arguments lack any nuance, and I find it quite strange that you succumb to the same lack of meaningful discussion that you complain about.

  5. One, you are summarizing my arguments. While they may boil down to capitalism is good and government is bad, how I get there is where the nuance is. I can explain why I come to those positions. If I had no nuance, I would just say “Government is bad, duh!” and let that be the end of the argument. If you read my posts over the last couple years, you’d understand how I’ve come to the positions I hold. Do I need to give you a thesis on the involvement of government in the market and the lives of people every freakin time you post on here? Get a life troll.

  6. You’ve already given your thesis. Arguments to back it up would be nice. The reason I say that your arguments lack nuance, is because of you’re blanket statements about how government is always inefficient. I’ve seem many of your blog posts, and I don’t think I can recall a time when you’ve made positive comments about the role of government. Nuance is the allowance for validity on both sides of an issue. All I see from you is anti-government rhetoric. I never see anything from you on the failures of the free market or the successes of government. Hence, the lack of nuance.

    Y, on the other hand, presents a lot better ability to understand the nuances and articulate both sides of a discussion (i.e. his responses to your posts on healthcare). I have seem him argue in some instances against the failings of capitalism. He understands the issues and nuances better. Perhaps he should write a blog. I have a feeling he’d be a better arbiter of discussion.

  7. Justin, full disclosure. I am not Jerry 🙂

    Justin and I do have lively arguments about capitalism and the role of government, but I still think that Jerry is off-base with his accusation.

    Jerry, I’m not saying you don’t have a valid point in saying that Justin needs to continue to reexamine his beliefs (as we all do), but please do it in a more productive manner by making arguments against his posts rather than just saying that his arguments suck. This blog doesn’t need trolls.

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