I Hate To Say I Told You So

But I’m pretty sure I (and others) told you so. And we got written off as kooks. The Global Financial System is in shambles thanks to our fabulous monetary system that creates a debt driven economy where there is always less real money outstanding than there is money owed. For those of you who have trouble following that, what it means is the Federal Reserve and the Treasury team up to print out money, then loan said money to banks. Banks must pay the money back to the Federal Reserve. So, while they make a killing on loans of monopoly money, our prices go up, our wages stay stagnant, moral hazard is created, and the global economy collapses.

And I guarantee to you Wallis followers out there, the new Christian Left, that your policies only continue this trend, and at the end of the day, its not gonna look that rosy for the middle class, and the least of these will be entirely forgotten.

Just remember this please.


3 responses to “I Hate To Say I Told You So

  1. But..don’t you understand…Obama is going to fix all this. Obama and the Liberals. In fact, to fix things, they are already proposing a new gas tax.

  2. I thought you weren’t going to talk politics with your new job…

  3. I changed my mind. Decided if people can’t deal with what I have to say, then whatever.

    And its more the theology than the politics that I worry about… except for the whole anti war thing. That doesn’t go over well in conservative blue collar churches

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