Obamites Beware, This May Hurt Your Ego

But its quite possibly the best satire piece I’ve ever read…


12 responses to “Obamites Beware, This May Hurt Your Ego

  1. Oh man, that is awesome! I’m going to repost that link over at Politics & Culture.

  2. excellent article, we’re truly blessed to have such a candidate in Obama, aren’t we?

    At least you’re touting a line that everyone in your evangelical church will appreciate… Nothing challenging for you here!

  3. People at my church are likely against Obama, but we differ on our reasonings. This column is spot on, regardless of your side of the issues. Both sides do stuff that’s wrong, and neither is beyond criticism. Do you disagree?

  4. Obama is a saint; he can do no wrong. McSame is a different story…

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  6. Excellent! Awesome! I need to post that at my blog.

  7. I saw this earlier this week. It is hilarious!

  8. Hey Marty,

    Thanks for stopping by! You should stick around for the religious discussions 😉

  9. What religious discussions? All I hear is politics here…

  10. Umm, scroll down the page, I’m pretty sure I posted about Christians and Politics a few posts ago.

  11. Again… All I see is politics… throwing a teency bit of religion into politics doesn’t count.

  12. We now fast forward to 2011 and see what an utter failure this guy has proven to be. The economy is in the total dumper and those that are worst effected are the gen x’ers that voted for this incompetent idiot. Sorry genXers but you got what you voted for. A TRILLION dollar deficit that now includes “free” health care for EVERYONE! It’s all free right? Wait until THAT hits for another trillion dollars.

    It won’t take you long before you learn what us baby boomers learned…


    They will disappoint you every time.

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