Well, Its the New Deal All Over Again

In the New Deal, we ruined crops and killed livestock to keep prices from falling to far. Now its time to blow up houses…

Guys, get used to it. We lived beyond our means and we are gonna pay the consequences. And we’ll pay them for longer than the boom most likely. More government power in the marketplace will not fix this problem, it will make it worse. Just like in the Depression.


One response to “Well, Its the New Deal All Over Again

  1. I agree. The fact is, Govco are the ones, back in the mid 90’s, who hounded lenders to give more and more credit to people with lesser means. They accused lenders (rightly so in SOME cases) of redlining and discrimination. They demanded they offer more loans to minorities and the poor, regardless if they can afford it or not. Lenders did that and then, in some cases, went well beyond that and we have the prediciment we are in today.

    The sad thing is, last month in California, they were complaining that house prices still have not fallen enough for renters to buy a home and they implied that something needs to be done. They want to put us right back in the worst place possible.

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