My New Favorite Show

I’ve been watching the TV show “Weeds”. Its a Showtime original series starring Mary Louise Parker. After I saw her in the West Wing and Saved, she became one of my favorite actresses.
Enough about the actual show. The theme song for the show is an old folk tune from the sixties, but its an amazing song.

Here’s the video of the intro


5 responses to “My New Favorite Show

  1. my wife and i have been big fans of this show for years

  2. Love it. Been watching season one and two on DVD. Looking forward to season three. Although, it is getting old how the main character opens her legs for any guy that walks thru the door, but it hasn’t jumped the shark yet.

  3. Well, she’s vulnerable.

    And the point of the show is the dysfunctional nature of the the suburbs and how its just kept behind closed doors for the most part.

    BTW Roland, season 2 finale is gonna leave you hanging in a big way. Better have season 3 lying in wait.

  4. I already saw the ending of Season 2. Very good!

    It could be a good example of our churches. We think the family we sit next to is so nice and doing well when really he is addicted to porn or she is having an affair or their son is battling drugs or the daughter is having sex with every other guy. We just don’t think this stuff is happening at our church but it is.

  5. I’ve never seen the show, but the intro is priceless. I live in the middle of Ticky Tacky, US and I watch people living that lifestyle every day and just hope that someday something better will come into their lives (and mine).

    The intro reminds me of a commercial that I think Hyundai run a few years back. In it you start seeing a family loading stuff into their Hyundai and begin driving down the street. Each of their neighbors are getting into a luxury SUV with brief cases and in business clothes, dropping coffee and looking hurried.

    At the end of the spot, the little child from the back seat said, “Dad, Isn’t it Saturday?” And the voice over come up saying something like, “Because life’s too valuable.”

    I wish I could find that spot on video. I’d love to show it to the parents that I work with.

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