The Optimist Endorses Obama

ACU’s student newspaper, The Optimist, endorsed Barack Obama in their latest edition.

This comes as a surprise to any familiar with church of Christ universities, which tend to lean fairly hard to the right (at least among donors, and the student body).

While I was happy that the Optimist was willing to stand up to what I imagine was some pressure to not endorse Obama, I left this comment below the story.

I am glad that the Optimist isn’t afraid to anger the mostly conservative c of c members who donate to the school. That is something schools in our fellowship need to take note of.

Let me preface by saying I dislike McCain in a way I can’t quite describe… I will not be voting for him, or Obama, in this election. And this article is one of those reasons.

There’s a whole lot of “Obama wants change” and “Obama knows (fill in the blank) so he will be better at (fill in the blank). In my opinion, Obama knows little about economics and how to get our country out of this crisis. He knows about legalizing theft from people, such as my father, who will retire if Obama is elected, because his average tax rate on his income will go from roughtly 48% to 60%. 60 percent of his income will be taken from him in taxes, so that Obama can give a “tax cut” to me, and the rest of the 40% of Americans who don’t pay a dime in income taxes. That is not a tax cut. It is a welfare check. Its Robin Hood economics, and I for one believe it is unchristian to use force to achieve justice. It certainly was not what Jesus, or the early church were about. And besides that, there is a lot of evidence that this type of justice is no justice at all. Creating dependents out of people who are fully able to help themselves is immoral. It kills the human spirit, and if I remember correctly, there is also something in the New Testament to the effect of “if you do not work, you do not eat”.

Being rewarded wages by working… and then willingly giving up those wages to make sure there are “no poor among you” is true justice. Truely Christlike.

Now is our system biased against certain people? Absolutely. Do the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer? They have been for a while. But the answer is not redistributing wealth. The answer is not printing money to hand out to people, whether it be Wall Street fatcats or the poor. The answer is an economy of free choices, one of sound money that cannot be manipulated to make the wealthy wealthier in times of trouble.

But the ultimate answer, the answer we cannot get around, is that the church needs to actually BE the church. No more charity to make ourselves feel good, while never spending time with those Jesus did. No more voting for the guy who is going to take other peoples money, spend half of that on government bureaucrats, and give the other half away in substandard goods, services, and housing. Christians need to stand up and realize that government is inherently evil, exists for its own self interest, lives and dies for power and more power. The church is the alternate way. A way of love, sharing, and non violent resistance to the powerful who claim to be our lord. They are not.

What would have been a lot more ballsy of you, dear optimist, is if you had stood up and said… “No more will we vote for the lesser of two evils. No more will we silently sanction war and violence, against those who want to harm us, and against those who just happen to make more money than we do. Our call is to be a prophetic witness to the world, and show that the empire has no clothes.

Until that happens, chalk this up to a change in the tide of the political wind. Obama, McCain. They are all the same. Jesus Christ, who spoke truth to power, and let himself be killed rather than take power himself. HE is our King and ultimate example. Its time we started living it.


11 responses to “The Optimist Endorses Obama

  1. I’m guessing you’ve never been to ACU, because you obviously know little of the campus. It is unlike Harding… A lot more open-minded (your term “liberal”) people are there, including the editorial staff. The faculty as a whole are a LOT less Repugnican than you think. But this isn’t the first time you’ve posited on things you know nothing about… much in the way the latter half of your post does.

  2. I know that ACU is “liberal” compared to the majority of church of christ schools in the country. ACU, Lipscomb, and Pepperdine are the “liberal” schools and Harding, Freed, and others are the conservative ones. I’m not an idiot. Please don’t treat me like one. Compared to most liberal arts schools though, ACU is conservative. ACU is freakin’ Bob Jones compared to the vast majority of 4 year universities in the United States.

    Please enlighten me, troll, as to those things about which I know nothing.. And since we’re getting snippy, how about you rephrase the last sentence of your post so that it makes grammatical sense. Sentence fragments don’t help you in your attempt to appear smarter than others.

  3. First, I’m not a troll, I’m your mother.

    Second, my last sentence makes perfect grammatical sense. Ever heard of ellipses? I will add the understood parenthetical expression in case you couldn’t figure it out. (… the latter half of your post does (posit on things you know nothing about).

    Have you ever even set foot on ACU’s campus? I seriously don’t it, so stop using all these stupid labels and stereotypes.

    If I’m a troll for challenging your broad-reaching assumptions and lack of knowledge when you post your crap on here, then I am proud to be crowned King Troll.

  4. Edit:

    I made some broad reaching accusations against someone whom I know personally in this space, thinking that that person was Invisible Hand. It was not, and I admit my error and have apologized to said person.

    That being said, invisible hand is still a coward and a troll.

  5. Who is Daniel? High school beef?

  6. Though you and I don’t see exactly eye to eye on this, I share many of your economic proclivities and this post provided excellent food for thought as I continue to ponder these things.

    Thanks Justin.

  7. I disagree with your assertion that there actually is a vote for neither. When you don’t vote, you are ensuring that the person who won win. I do agree with you that neither is ideal.

  8. I firmly believe that only informed people should vote. If you don’t know why you are voting for someone or don’t even know who the candidate is until you get in the booth and see the “R” or “D”, then just stay at home.

  9. Now that’s a good oligarchy… forget democracy, just put a couple of smart people in power and let them screw around with everything. Who makes the informed decision of who is smart enough to vote… oh, I got it, we could have a polling test developed by Roland, since he thinks he’s always right and everyone who disagrees with him is a communist.

  10. IH, can you please point out to me where I said that Government should enforce that?

    Oh, by the way Mr. Intelligent, we don’t live in a Democracy. We actually DO put a couple of smart people in power and let them run things. It’s called a representative democracy.

  11. I gotta admit IH, the email addresses you come up with are hilarious.

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